Pursuing my MSc in Kinesiology is an investment in my career and future, but massive student loans and the cost of tuition have been limiting my options.
I am fortunate to have the support of each and every one of you thus far in my journey. Most of you have followed and encouraged me from the beginning of my career as an athlete.
I have also applied to work while I study at the campus but my studies will be done at a University in Canada and I currently reside in Trinidad and Tobago. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I will be unable to travel and work for some time, no one really knows how long. Fortunately I am still able to study online.
I have a drive to learn, innovate and challenge the frontier of Sport Psychology.
Below you will find a link that can take you to my website as well as my social media pages that reflect more details of my work thus far:
I must acknowledge the good that I already have in my life as it is the foundation for all abundance! Thank you for your contribution and for supporting my goal to Pursue My Passion!
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Graduate Studies

by Priyanka Dhanie
Created Feb 16, 2021 | Online
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