His name is TREVOR BALDEO. He is my beloved husband of over 45 years. An amazing father, grandfather, brother, relative and friend. A humble, courteous and gentle man, full of dignity and class, who has proudly served his country over the years. He has had a distinguished career in economic development activities and was instrumental in kick-starting many investment projects in Trinidad and Tobago. He was an icon and a giant in his field, earning the respect of countless business people, while being adored as a guru by his colleagues and associates all over the world. He made an immeasurable and sterling contribution to national development.

Sadly, his golden years of retirement are currently plagued by a series of dread diseases, which we only used to hear about from life insurance salesmen. He has now become a poster boy for these diseases. He urgently needs life-saving medical procedures at private medical facilities (more costly) as he does not have the luxury of time to get appointments at the public hospitals.

At the top of the list are angiogram (cardio and leg), angioplasty (cardio and leg), amputation (foot and/or part leg) and dialysis. I am reaching out to anyone out there, please, can you help me save my husband's life so he can see another day and many more tomorrows? Your contributions will certainly help defray the necessary medical costs and help Trevor pivot to revitalise his retirement to share his warmth and enjoy the fellowship of his family and friends, and fulful his aspiration to be a Bonsai grandmaster.

Please keep Trevor top of mind and in your prayers. Thank you for your time, your love, your support and your help!

  • Brian
    Brian donated $1,350

    Get well Trevor. I am praying for your speedy recovery

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph donated $675

    God bless you Cuzz! Standing with you! You are not alone. Sending love and prayers for the best possible results! God bless you and the family!

  • Gavin Ottley
    Gavin Ottley donated $2,025

    Get well soon my friend! Blessings!

  • Gena G
    Gena G donated $675

    Hang in there, Get well soon cuz, from 3 of us❣️??

  • Karen Mooneeram
    Karen Mooneeram donated $1,688

    Sending you all my best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $304

    Have Faith in God and he will make you move your mountain.

  • andre baptiste
    andre baptiste donated $675

    Get well soon. Special blessings

  • anushka seesaran-mohammed
    anushka seesaran-mohammed donated $68

    hope you feel better soon

  • Tesha Tikaram
    Tesha Tikaram donated $135
  • Edweena Newallo-Dottin
    Edweena Newallo-Dottin donated $1,013

    Hoping the target is achieved so David’s Dad gets the much needed surgery!!! All the very best!!!

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Created Sep 20, 2021 | LA ROMAINE, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, W.I.
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