Hello everyone, I am Asha Heath-Robertson and I am 20 years old. I have recently been accepted into Pace University in NYC. I will be majoring in Biochemistry with the goal of pursuing Forensic Pathology, and I am appealing to your generosity to further my pursuits.

I’ve held on to my dream of becoming a Forensic Pathologist in spite of my many challenges. At age ten, I was diagnosed with a learning disorder (slow processing skills). As such, I’ve always had to work harder and smarter to succeed. In March of this year, I was admitted to the hospital and a team of neurologists confirmed their initial diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I started my treatment in May, which consists of six infusions every six months for the next three years. Following the first cycle of treatment, I had to be closely monitored for four to six weeks to determine whether I was having any adverse reactions.

During this period I lost mobility in my right arm and leg, I experienced vertigo, intense migraines, and numbness in my hands, abdomen, and feet. It became very difficult for me to write, walk, and see. Due to my medical issues and related expenses, I had to prioritize my health as my condition was life threatening. This campaign goes towards my tuition fees and housing expenses, as my family has had to draw on my education savings to cover my medical expenses.
I had to defer my studies to January, 2023 due to the newness of my illness and funding.

Growing up, my faith, community, and extra-curricular activities have shaped me — from alter serving in my parish and prayer group, to school choir in St. Joseph’s Convent, Love Movement, ballet, modern dance, pan, and tennis. I am proud to say that despite my learning and health challenges, I have been offered two partial scholarships.

Our goal is TTD150,000.00!

To pursue this career, my only option is to study abroad, as Forensic Pathology is not taught in this
region. Not only is it not offered, the Fraternity of Pathologists in our country is scarce. My goal on my return to Trinidad during and after attaining my degree is to increase the local capacity and develop a succession plan with qualified Forensic Pathologists. I would do so by creating a foundation that focuses on an outreach & scholarship programme in secondary schools, to lure students into the field. In the long-term, hopefully it will alleviate our country’s need for expatriate Forensic Pathologists.

Thank you in advance for your support, it is greatly appreciated!
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    Donation from the Timothy's

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    Be still and know that I am God ~ Psalm 46:10 May He make His face to shine upon you. May His will be done. May you and all generations from you forever praise Him.

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    Best of luck Asha Andy

  • Sherry Dumas-Harewood and friends
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    Asha know that any journey starts with one step, wishing you good health and strength to complete this journey…. Sherry DH and friends

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    Best wishes!

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    All the best Asha.

  • This campaign goes towards:
    - Pace tuition fees, housing expenses & medical upkeep. For one year
    USD$76,000. Less scholarship award USD$13,500 = (USD62,500).
    - All financials are to be submitted to Pace University by November 1st, 2022. This
    will afford us sufficient time to arrange Embassy appointments.

    Forensic Pathology is one of the disciplines outlined under Scholarship Advanced Training (SATD), a Division of the Ministry of Education. However, my application for Scholarship funding was denied; reason, the Ministry does not have the funds at this time.
    Unfortunately, I do not qualify for the H.E.L.P Programme (Student Loan), it is accessible to local or regionally tertiary level GATE programmes only.

    Thank you in advance for your support, it is greatly appreciated!


Help Asha Pursue Her Dream

by Asha M Heath-Robertson
Created Sep 06, 2022 | Port of Spain
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