Before going into the full description, I want to thank you for clicking on the link and considering investing in me. It honestly means the world, so thank you so much! I am grateful for any contributions made, and even if you can’t donate, I would appreciate it if you could give this link a share!

Hi everyone, my name is Chaya, and I’m currently an Upper 6 student of St. Joseph’s Convent PoS trying to raise money to attend my DREAM college, the illustrious Howard University, in August of 2021! As a result of my academic achievements demonstrated, I have been awarded the Capstone Merit Scholarship. However, I have been granted a limited amount of financial aid on account of being an international student, and even with this aid, the tuition, housing and meal plan costs are still steep.
It has been a rough year, and with the COVID-19 Pandemic, came financial hardships/constraints. This meant that to survive, our savings now had to be utilized, and this burden falling on my single mother led to some financial strain. Therefore, at this time, we do not have all the necessary funds available to finance my college journey.
This is where you come in! The scholarship along with this funding, would definitely assist me on the path to fulfill my dream. Similar to this scholarship offer being a reward for hard work and faith, I am asking you to have faith in the knowledge, that your investment in me will not be in vain.

Short backstory, for as long as I can remember, I have been hardworking and dedicated to my education, and in turn my future, which is indicated by my achievements throughout the years. I was never satisfied with surface-level explanations, and never drawn to typical professions. Over the years, through my love for shows like Criminal Minds and NCIS, I developed an affinity for science and mathematics, and in turn found my passion. Forensic Pathology. An uncommon profession, but one of the most interesting and compelling, in my opinion.
Over time, while searching for universities that would help propel my dream of becoming a Forensic Pathologist, Howard University’s distinction as a pillar of not just excellence, but specifically black excellence, attracted me. Apart from its reputation and notable alumni produced, the university’s environment will allow me a safe space to develop and learn around like-minded people with similar backgrounds, who are not only passionate about effecting change in their communities, but throughout the world.
Naturally, as the determined and unrelenting young woman I was raised to be, I set my sights on becoming a Bison. Years of hard-work, sacrifice, and sleepless nights; balancing academics, sports, extra-curricular and community involvement both in and out of school, all the while maintaining a healthy social life.
FINALLY, the reward, my dream school! And although due to the pandemic this achievement seems bittersweet, I could not be anymore grateful to everyone that has contributed to my success in anyway.
All in all, I am asking your assistance so I can represent Trinidad and Tobago to the best of my ability and reach my fullest potential at the college of my dreams. No amount is too small, and remember, “It takes a village!”

PSA!! If you uncomfortable with online donations, feel free to make your donation by sending funds to this bank account number: 150 062 661 701

Thank you again!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $500

    I know that it may seem that you're facing an insurmountable challenge right now and that you may be scared and wonder how you're gonna do this. God has got your back; keep pushing through and putting your trust in Him.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $540

    You are an inspiration.

  • Brendon Noel
    Brendon Noel donated $675

    We are so proud of you. Love The Noels!!

  • Brian
    Brian donated $675

    I wish yiu the very best. Congratulations! Your hard work will pay off

  • Alana Aguilera
    Alana Aguilera donated $675

    Congratulations Chaya! Best wishes on your journey. I know you will make us proud. ?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $3,375

    God's continued blessings on your path to greatness Prepare for a fantastic experience HU alumni

  • Calvin Banfield
    Calvin Banfield donated $675

    Keep making us proud

  • Rosemarie Maskell
    Rosemarie Maskell donated $203

    Dear Chaya, I'm one of Akeena's colleagues and I'm very proud of you, as she is. Kick butt in Howard and become the very best forensic pathologist! Congrats and continue along your path of excellence! Ciao! Rosemarie

    KRISTAN STANISCLAUS donated $675

    Congrats! Love you and best of lucj

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Help Chaya Hit the 'Hilltop'!!!!

by Chaya Stanislaus-Ramsey
Created May 04, 2021 | Trinidad and Tobago (Washington DC Bound)
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