Her Story: My Fight Against Thyroid Cancer

In March of 2020, my life took an unexpected turn when I noticed my thyroid was swollen and my voice was becoming increasingly hoarse. Concerned about these symptoms, I sought medical attention from the ENT clinic in San Fernando.

After a thorough examination, the ENT doctors performed a procedure known as a "scoop" to examine my throat closely. The results revealed a devastating diagnosis: my right vocal cord was paralyzed due to the swelling. Without hesitation, I was taken into surgery that same week.

During the surgery, the doctor made a grim discovery – I had papillary thyroid cancer. This news was a shock, but I was determined to fight this disease with everything I had.

In September 2020, I underwent radioactive iodine treatment, receiving a dose of 30 mCi. However, in December 2020, the disheartening news came that the medication had not been effective.

My options were limited, but I refused to give up hope. I was referred to the Taraci Clinic at Mount Hope, where I underwent a lung biopsy in August 2021. Following the biopsy, I was immediately placed on the drug Nexavar.

I remained on Nexavar for nearly two years, but in August 2023, we received another devastating blow – the medication was no longer working. My doctor was concerned that my options were running out, but he suggested giving radioactive iodine one last try.

In October 2023, I underwent a radioactive scan at Southern Medical. The results brought a glimmer of hope – the scan showed that my cancer responded to the iodine treatment. However, the doctor informed me that I would require at least three sessions of radioactive iodine therapy, each session costing a staggering $46,000, along with a $22,000 scan and relevant blood works.

The financial burden of this treatment is overwhelming, but I am determined to continue my fight against cancer. I am reaching out to you today with a heartfelt plea for your support. Any donation, no matter how small, would make a significant difference in my ability to afford this life-saving treatment.

Thank you for considering my request. Your generosity will help me continue my fight against thyroid cancer and give me hope for a brighter future.
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    Kristan Jagna donated $135

    You got this!

  • Reichelle Niemeier
    Reichelle Niemeier donated $338

    Keep up the fight. Praying for you for strength and healing.

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    Wishing you the best & a successful recovery

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    Keeping you in prayers for a successful treatment ❤️

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Help Crystal Chaitoo in her fight against Cancer.

by Arielle Webb
Created Nov 26, 2023 | Trinidad
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