Who is Debra Hopkins?

- Debra Hopkins, aged 65, is the exceptional mother of Eric and Dionne Hopkins and the doting grandmother of one adorable, precocious toddler, Eric Hopkins III.

-Though she is now retired, she worked at NP for a remarkable 41 years, last serving in the position of Supervisor in Lubricant Sales. There she did impeccable work, always striving to do her best for customers, co-workers and the organisation.

- While at NP, she also sought the interests of co-workers by serving as an Officer in the Oilfield Workers Trade Union, a Board Member of the Tranquillity Credit Union and a member of Evergreen.

-Debra's life has been defined by a deep sense of spirituality and service, always putting God at the centre of her life and all of her choices. She is a giver and caretaker to all who have met with her. There was never a person that she came across that she didn’t seek to help, inspire, motivate, or advise in some way.

- It is this spirituality that led her to be baptised as a Jehovah’s Witness. In keeping with her loving personality, she was also immediately devoted to her spiritual family; loving and giving in whatever way she could to those who loved the Almighty and needed a helping hand. She did so quietly and diligently doing it as if unto Jehovah.

- Debra Hopkins is love unbounded and a force of positivity that uplifts all whom she encounters.

Why does she need your help?

- In the month October, 2023, Debra was first diagnosed with colon cancer. It has also been discovered that the cancer has spread to her liver. Due to a mishap at the hospital while doing a procedure for a pre-existing issue and a subsequent fall she has also fractured her right shoulder and arm. She is need of urgent help to meet to cost of her treatment, testing, and care.

-There are many tests to be done and timing is critical for her. A lot of medication is required to manage her symptoms as well as the support of medical personnel to ensure that she is properly taken care of. Just three (3) of the procedures to investigate and determine the cancer costed 32,740 TTD with a discount and there are more to do. On any given day can cost 1,000 TTD to 10,000 TTD in medical bills. There are many hidden costs to cancer which are being discovered daily.

How can you you help?

-Please assist her in whatever way you can so that she can make a full recovery to good health. It is serious and she needs everyone now. Let's return to Debra the love and caring she so willingly and generously gives to everyone else.

- Thank you for your kind contribution.

Her Daughter,
Dionne Hopkins
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    God's Blessings my friend

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    Wishing you a speedy recovery!


Help Debra Hopkins

by Dionne Hopkins
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