Thank you for visiting my campaign. My name is Higman Peters and I am suffering from prostate cancer. It was in March 2020 I began having severe pain in my pelvis so I visited the hospital and at first was told my prostate was ok. But I continue to get the pain and could no longer work, them I just couldn't walk.

I visited the hospital again, this time I did an ultrasound which shows something strange with my prostate. A visit to the urologist and test confirms I had prostate cancer. I was the main breadwinner of the family so it was and still hard to meet my medical expenses. I'm now in bed unable to urinate so the hospital insert a catheter.

The cancer the doctor say has travelled to my bones so I cannot walk sometimes. I am also hypertensive an was recently hospitalized for possible Heart attack. I am on special diet since they told me I have high potassium. My wife meger salary can only meet our rent, pay utilities and buy food. We still have a 14 years old daughter who goes to school.

So it's hard and I'm counting on your support and generosity to donate to this fundraiser to assist with my medical expenses, get my daughter to school, meeting my special diet and therapy. No donation is too small so my family and I welcome your generous contribution and thank you.
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Help Higman Fight Prostate Cancer

by Higman Peters
Created Apr 27, 2021 | St. Lucia
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