Kamyah Wallace was only a year and a half when she was diagnosed with wilms tumor in 2018.
For that entire year she underwent intense chemotherapy until she went into remission.

It wasn't until December 2019 that she stopped walking completely and developed a mass on her spine!

Doctors said she was having a relapse and that she was previously DIAGNOSED WRONGLY and they then give her a new diagnosis called "ccrcc" Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma.
I asked if it would be best that I take her abroad for treatment since she was wrongly diagnosed- which isn't any mistake to be making with a child's life!!
Oncology team deemed they could handle it and at this phase, she had another round of chemotherapy for a few months and was back into remission.

Kamyah started back walking and doing very well - definately kicking cancer's butt!!!!

In March 2021 she had done an "MRI" Magnetic resonance imaging and that stated that the cancer is still there and this time around she will have to go abroad to complete further treatments and surgery.

Kamyah is a very loving intelligent child who has been fighting this disease with the help of God and she deserves nothing but a better life and to be able to live a full one.

I am asking kindly for the public to assist us with donations so that we can give kamyah that chance.
Anything will be appreciated & prayers are absolutely welcomed!

Thank you kindly in advance,
660011841131 (rbtt)
  • Elizabeth Williams-Durand
    Elizabeth Williams-Durand donated $338

    God bless

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Help Kamyah Fight Cancer!!!!!!

by Khadijah hackette
Created Jun 27, 2021 | Trinidad
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