My name is Kristen Clarke and I am a 25 year old citizen of Trinidad and Tobago with a graduate degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Management and Geography from the University of the West Indies (2020). I am very passionate about the environment, and it has been my goal for quite some time to take part in an international outreach program related to marine conservation and the care of wildlife. I would truly appreciate your help through financial aid as I embark on a journey to Mozambique to take part in a 5 week Marine Conservation program from June 26th where I'll learn about coral reef surveys, fisheries and ocean trash research and management. Upon my return, I hope to apply my newfound skills and experience within my own country to help conserve our beautiful and diverse marine life.
  • Kirt Medine
    Kirt Medine donated $135

    Good luck Kristen looking for to see big things from sure your Auntie Marise will keep us up to date. ?

  • Vivette Johnson
    Vivette Johnson donated $675
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $675

    Thanks for your dedication. From a friend of Maryse Awai.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $270

    Best of luck to you. From: A friend of Marise Awai

  • Marise A Awai Bourne
    Marise A Awai Bourne donated $675

    Best of luck on your trip Krissy!! Looking forward to the impact you will make to advance marine conservation in our beloved country. xxxxx

  • Ysabel Bisnath
    Ysabel Bisnath donated $675

    Best wishes in your future career xoxo

  • Yvette Cheesman
    Yvette Cheesman donated $675
  • Justin Cheesman
    Justin Cheesman donated $675

    Love you Kristen!! Good luck on the new adventure ❤️

  • Abigail
    Abigail donated $270

    Best of luck on this journey !

  • Sarah Crooks
    Sarah Crooks donated $338

    Good luck!

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Help Kristen in Marine Conservation Research

by Kristen Clarke
Created May 12, 2022 | Mozambique
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