Hi my name is Liahzé Serrette- Samuel and I am a 19-year-old with a goal to change the world. I have been accepted into Mc Master University located in Hamilton, Canada to pursue my career goal of becoming a Mechatronics Engineer.

This dream stemmed from my love for Technology, Mathematics and Physics, as well as the drive to make new inventions which can promote a safer world with reduced global warming and climate change. Due to the global covid-19 pandemic however, this dream has been on a stand still since my single parent mother got demoted from her job. As a result, the savings gathered to start my journey were spent in order to tend to our basic needs to survive.

Observing the sacrifices my mother had to make as the bread winner of the family and through various experiences I was motivated to push harder with great ambition to make our lives better. My main goal is to assist those living in low socio-economic brackets by implementing affordable systems in their lives with the use of engineering for example electricity through Renewable Energy (solar panels).

Mc Master University considered my acceptance due to my academic achievements at CSEC and CAPE level, extra-curricular activities and the leadership roles I upheld at St. Francois Girls' College. In my early years at the institution, I was granted the ability to work with the RBC young leaders group, Junior Achievements and attended various workshops to enhance my skills of becoming a strong leader, critical thinker and team player. I was also granted the Valedictorian Award for my graduating class of 2019 and later granted the Deputy Head Girl position, appointed by the school's staff as they acknowledged my characteristics as an ideal St. Francois student. This came with various responsibilities to uplift the school community during this time. I also took part in the school's Steel Ensemble in which I was section leader for the guitar pan section and vice-captain of the SFGC Orcas Dragon Boat Team. I later decided to participate in the country's Chemistry Olympiad in which i was granted the opportunity to move on to the next round, a step away from participating internationally at the final round in Japan 2020.

Through these experiences and my drive for success, I hope with your help I am able to bring great recognition and development to Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the world through creations of different forms of technology improving life on earth for the better.

Thanks Thamuch for all donations, I really appreciate it. And those who are having issues donating through this gofundme you can donate through my bank account.

Name: Liahzé Serrette-Samuel Acc #: 440 025 711 901 Republic bank (chequings)
For more information please contact me @1-868-358-3142

Thank you for your support.
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    On behalf of Ferdinand Abbey Imri and Nahbi

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    yum yum yum youokowwhatimean?

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    From Sharon

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    Wishing you all the best.

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    My prayers are with you!!

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    I am willing to help in any small way that I can.. I’m hoping that other people have a generous heart to help you reach your goal. I proud of you and your continued effort to strive for the best that you can be!

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    Good luck

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    Best Wishes in your Endeavors! You make every Trini Proud!

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Help Liahzé become a Mechatronics Engineer

by Liahzé Serrette- Samuel
Created Aug 26, 2021 | Trinidad and Tobago
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