Focus , Aim Suceed has always been has always been my attutude towards ny educational role.

Ricardo Jaggernauth a bright student, and has always take his education very serious.

Durning the time of school it were very diffcult , being the slowest and the weakest has now sucessfully completed secondary level education and now is looking for ward to moving on to tertiary education. I have a limited time to complete has theres already a school that is willing to take him.

ALtho these sucess is there , its still a possiblilty that this could be my last school because of financia difficulities . After sucessfully completeing the High school where i was able to pass all exams, i attented a safety program where i was able to top the class getting an grade A on my exams.

I now have the oppounitity to go abroad and study, to become a flight Pilot which is my dream. I am asking my friends and family to concider helping me to attend my flight school which will be in Florida.

The program is only 8 months but this is my dream that i ever dreamt about. Please help me my donating and sharing this Campaign. No contribution is to small and Every Little helps. Please help in making my dreams come though. Help me in overcomming this financial barrier .

This oppounitity would changed my life forever, Despite having major setbacks in life i still believe we can make this oppounitity. I am excited to beging new things and new pathways. The financies that would be giving would directly be use for the purpouse of the flight school.

No donations is to small every little helps. Please am asking you to donate whatever you can. Please also like share and fell free to comment on this gofundme, Please help in making a difference in my life and my family.

Thank you for your kind contributions and making my dreams a reality.
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Help me fund my dream of being a pilot

by Christhoper Persad
Created Nov 08, 2023 | Mayaro
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