Hello, my name is Jonathan Ramtahal and I am from Trinidad and Tobago, earlier this year I was offered an opportunity of a lifetime from MEXT (MONBUKAGAKUSHO) Scholarship Programme to pursue a Master’s Degree as well as participate in research at the Shimoda Marine Research Science Centre, University of Tsukuba, Japan.
In April of 2020 I was expected to begin my studies at University of Tsukuba, Japan however due to Covid-19 pandemic our country entered lockdown and my flight was cancelled, and arrival delayed to Fall Semester.
My flight leaving for Japan is tentatively on the 16th of October.
Due to Covid-19 there are additional expenses not covered by the scholarship such as testing before my flight, quarantine costs on arrival including food/living expenses for that period (14 days), which I had not previously catered for.
The scholarship stipend will not be paid until 6 to 8 weeks after arrival. Funds which I had prepared for this is now depleted and I am seeking your assistance to raise the necessary funds until my stipend is available.
This fundraiser is solely for costs not catered for by the scholarship which I am unable to provide on my own.
Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide. Please feel free share the link if you think it would help.
UPDATED: 9th October 2020
My flight arrangements have been made however, I am being asked to cover part of the cost. All contributions are greatly appppreciated.
  • Mohan Mahabir-Singh
    Mohan Mahabir-Singh donated $675

    Good luck in your endeavours

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $115
  • Edward Mootoo
    Edward Mootoo donated $135

    Good Luck

  • Kera Nimblett
    Kera Nimblett donated $135

    Wishing you all the best love!

  • Katherine McEwan
    Katherine McEwan donated $135
  • Kathryn Whittey
    Kathryn Whittey donated $135

    Good Luck! :)

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $68

    Geddit ❤


Help me get to Japan to start my Master's

by Jonathan Josh Ramtahal
Created Oct 03, 2020 | Trinidad
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