Dion holds the true essence of a 19 year old, full of life; very much into technology and play video games. Only child to a single mother. He loves nature just like his mom but the light affect his eyes.
In December of 2019 (just before his birthday) Dion was diagnosed with a rare eye condition called Kerotoconus. He was diagnosed by Dr. Deo Singh at the Caribbean Eye Institute.
Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease in which the normally round cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape. This cone shape deflects light as it enters the eye on its way to the light-sensitive retina, causing distorted vision.
Currently, is using a eye drop which cost about $150 every 2 weeks and limiting his exposure to light in his eyes thus restricting his study time. His treatment is the Cornea Cross Linking, without it, it will lead to blindness.
Fortunately, this is offered in Trinidad. The procedure is very expensive. We are seeking to raise $30,000 TT to cover the cost of the procedure for Dion's eyes.
This is a heartfelt plea to all who can assist in whatever way possible; a little will be blessed and will be multiplied.
Donations can also be made payable to Republic Bank Limited A/C number 9400 2755 5531 in the name of Denise Boodoo his mother. In the remarks box please put Gift of Sight
God Bless.
Yours Sincerely,
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    Gift of sight

  • We have been advised by someone living with the condition for over 20 years of a type of lens which can be used to stabilize the eyes, we are currently looking into this as the cross link procedure is also not a permanent solution.


Help me save my vision

by Denise Boodoo
Created Jun 15, 2020 | Trinidad
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