hi hi, my name is Bella i live in Trinidad currently and i’ve had clear autoimmune disease symptoms since about my mid teens. i was always a very quiet kid and was too scared to even voice any of my concerns until i met more and more people with autoimmune diseases themselves. im so lucky to have that understanding from my favorite people and im sure if you have any kind of chronic illness you know how important that understanding is! i was pushed and highly encouraged to start my health investigation in late 2023 by my lovely boyfriend and since then i’ve seen dozens of doctors and i’ve only been able to get so far on my own in terms of funds, in the past 6 months i’ve had to quit about 3 jobs because of how much my health is holding me back especially with vague diagnosis’s from my doctors (unknown autoimmune, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and OCD) as well as misdiagnosis’s for sub clinical hyperthyroidism, graves’ disease and a couple others. my main source of income after i quit my jobs was making hand tufted rugs and at this point i can’t even afford my material to make my rugs. that being said im at the point right now i can’t afford to buy more of my stomach meds which eased my chronic nausea and i haven’t been nauseous for the first time since i can even remember. currently i can’t afford to buy my antidepressants, sleep meds, anti anxiety meds, stomach meds and my pain meds. it would mean the world to get some financial help so i can do the tests i need, pay for the meds i need, pay off some medical debt and get back focused on my one true passion, film!
thank you for reading a bit of my story,
x bella

Bank transfer info:
Isabella Franco, scotiabank chequing account
Transit number: 95315
Account number: 003896851



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    Sending you so much love and all the best angel🤍🤍

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    Hoping you get proper answers xx

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    I’ll praying for you

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    lots of love from ur long lost frennn<3

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    Hi Bella: Hope you get relief with your health issues. Autoimmune diseases suck.Try not to lose hope and stay positive as much as you can.Wishing you all the best.Luv your mom’s cookies. Sending hugs and good vibes to you both.

    LAURA DARWENT donated $405

    Get well Bella

  • i had previously added my bank account missing a number so here’s my correct account number!


help me sustain my health and find a diagnosis

by Isabella Franco
Created Feb 27, 2024 | Diego Martin
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