Medical Expenses for Physiotherapy & Treatment

My name is Nikcolai Salandy and most people know me as the fun loving uncle. Those of you who know me well enough would know I had an unfortunate accident a few years ago where I fell 25 ft and broke my spine leaving me paralyzed for a couple years. Through months and years of therapy and dedication, I was able to regain some form of mobility and independence from that occurence and I could've walked and lived a healthy sustainable life.

However I recently had a similar mishap where a railing broke behind me, which led to me falling again, this time from a 40ft height. I am facing a similar demise where I lost mobility in my legs yet again but not all hope is lost.


The next few months will entail me doing ongoing physical therapy and supplemental treatment in an effort to regain mobility once again.

This is an idea of the expected costs for treatment over the next few months:

Therapy Sessions
$500 per session
5 sessions per week = $2500

$10000 monthly therapy

Minimum therapy needed (6 months) = $60000

Supplemental Treatment (medication, equipment, medical supplies, consultations, doctor visits etc)

$1500 - $2000 per month

Minimum needed (6 months): $9,000 - $12,000

All known procedures will be done at POS general.

There is also the option to send donations via direct bank deposit. Please feel free to contact +1 (868) 299-2052 or + (868) 477-6808 to get banking information if that's your preference.

Somebody has to walk my niece down the aisle and I'm going to need my legs to do that.

If you are in a position to help contribute toward the medical expenses that will incur during this time frame, you have my heartfelt gratitude. If you aren't able to your prayers for a speedy recovery will be just as valuable.

Much love and appreciation,
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    Anonymous donated $135
  • Jason Dick-Grant
    Jason Dick-Grant donated $338

    Praying for your full recovery.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $203

    Feel better!!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $135
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $3,375

    Keep the faith ??

  • Nicole Roberts
    Nicole Roberts donated $34
  • Hannah Samuel
    Hannah Samuel donated $675

    Wishing you all the best. May God continue to give you the strength to cope.

  • Analiza Thomas
    Analiza Thomas donated $169
  • Lisa Ali
    Lisa Ali donated $1,013
  • Reesha Gangoo
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Help Nikcolai Walk Again

by Nikcolai Salandy
Created Sep 14, 2021 | Trinidad
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