Our world came crashing down on September 14, 2021 when our mother had a heart attack. Cold sweating and nauseated with shortness of breath, she was rushed to the emergency room for treatment. She was admitted for 4 days and discharged. However, she soon started experiencing recurring chest pain that has been increasing in frequency. Following many doctor consultations and several trips to the hospital, our family pooled its funds for her to get an angiogram done, in order to determine the best treatment plan.

The angiogram revealed that she has severe coronary disease, with major blockages in two arteries. At 90-99%, one artery is almost completely blocked. Much to the dismay of our family, she was informed that she needs to have double coronary bypass surgery immediately, as the next heart attack she has will likely be her last…Even worse - this surgery will cost $190,000 TTD. What has ensued has been a desperate scramble to acquire the funds. We have come up with $30,000 TTD. However, we are still far from the target amount.

Our mother is the gentlest and kindest soul we know. It is no coincidence that she is well-loved by all who know her. And now… she cannot play with her new granddaughter, Amaya, or even take a shower without experiencing chest pain. The slightest exertion can trigger another heart attack – one that might kill her.

We do not have much time left. Please aid our family in getting my mother this surgery that she so urgently needs.

Mena’s children,
Bradley, Nikki & Goldie
  • Anastasia Timson
    Anastasia Timson donated $675
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $338
  • Karma
    Karma donated $135
  • khalil kahrim
    khalil kahrim donated $1,013

    wishing her a safe surgery and speedy recovery . From Lana and family

  • Nesha Abiraj
    Nesha Abiraj donated $135
  • Bevon
    Bevon donated $743

    Praying for a full and speedy recovery. Keep the faith.

  • Rianne Brathwaite
    Rianne Brathwaite donated $101
  • Anastasia Tomkin
    Anastasia Tomkin donated $135

    Best wishes for mom’s health

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $135

    May the Lord continue to blessed you.

  • Rion Emmanuel
    Rion Emmanuel donated $1,013

    All the best and hope for a speedy recovery for her!

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Help Our Mother Live With Coronary Bypass Surgery

by Goldie Phillips
Created Oct 24, 2021 | Trinidad & Tobago
$12,488 raised of $160,000 goal 8%
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