"I made a decision to live and to fight... I must for my children" -Sasha

By way of introduction, I am Sasha Sewdass and in December 2021 I was diagnosed with aggressive invasive adenocarcinoma breast cancer. Initially stage 2B which quickly progressed into early stage 3. I am ER and HER 2 + and PR- with a KI67 of 70%.

A 34 year old mum of four small kids, 7,5 and almost 2 year old twins, who are my pride and joy. Since my diagnosis in 2021, I've had six cycles of chemotherapy (Taxotere, Carboplatin and Herceptin), two surgeries and received ten out of eighteen doses of Herceptin overall. I am yet to do radiation. However, it was recently confirmed, much to my dismay, that my Cancer has spread to my spine and even though it is considered inactive due to response to chemotherapy I need to start a drug called Zometa to protect my bones. Initially and indefinitely I need to take this drug every three weeks while I'm monitored for further growth but will need it for the rest of my life.

In order to start this drug and due to side effects I need to have all dental work done before getting clearance to begin this treatment but unfortunately there hasn't been any Zometa in the public health care system for quite some time now, so I must fund my treatment out of my own pockets.

I was advised in the beginning by many patients, in order to have the best chance possible that a private Doctor to guide and assessment my journey, because even though there are dedicated Doctors in the public clinics, that they are overwhelmed and resources are limited. Due to lack of funds i didn't initially pursue this but it has become clear that it is necesssary and so I have an appointment with a private Dr in two weeks.

Creating this fundme campaign is a last resort for me to be able to cover medical and travel expenses. I was fired from my job shortly after I was diagnosed and have been able to make it this far largely due to the generosity of strangers. As expenses continue to rise and with shortages in the public health care system I'm asking for any help possible to be able to stand a fighting chance.

I am honestly not scared to die but I am scared to leave my children. I want to do everything possible to ensure I am here for them.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated to help me and my family on this journey.

I will not be brought to my knees by this, but I would appreciate your generousity as I stay on my feet.

Alternatively donations can be made to :
Sasha Sewdass
Republic Bank Limited
Centre City Mall
Savings Account

Thank you!
  • Tricia Ramoutar-Soo Hon
    Tricia Ramoutar-Soo Hon donated $675

    Fight it Sasha! You will continue to be in my family's prayers.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $675
  • Zira Edwards
    Zira Edwards donated $203

    My prayers are with you. You will be healed in the name of the lord.

  • Karma
    Karma donated $338

    All the best to you

  • Yesterday I got a referral to have a pet scan done. The cost to do this is $18,000 and while there is an avenue to apply through the govt to help pay for it, I'm not certain how long the process takes.

    My dental quotation to get the clearance to start Zometa is estimated at $7300-$9300, I've been advised to try the dental hospital but again not sure about the wait time.

    The cost of Zometa privately is anywhere between $4,500 to $10,000 depending on where you go and who has available.

    I wish I didn't have to create this campaign and ask for help but any support would be greatly appreciated.


Help Sasha fight Breast Cancer

by Sasha Sewdass
Created Aug 25, 2022 | San Juan
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