"Surviving a life of terror, torture and turmoil has made me into a survivor. I refuse to be a victim of anything! Its like living in chains that never fall. So I have decided to become a survivor......of everything destined to make me stumble or fall." - Tricia St. John

My name is Tricia St. John, Mother, Author, Event Coordinator, Motivational Speaker and domestic violence survivor.
In 2004 my left forearm and 2 fingers on my right hand were severed when I was attacked with a cutlass by a man I had a common law relationship with because I had decided to end the relationship.
Through the years it has been very challenging to function with a missing limb ad mising fingers on my other arm, especially as I had to raise my children, and basically to do things that was the norm before I was vilently amputated. Depression tried and sometimes still try to engulf me with the memory of that aweful experience, however refusing to allow it to overtake me, I began to write my experience as a form of self healing.
I successfully penned three books entitled "Before me, After me, Now me", "Moving On" and "Chains Falling" a collection of poems. I also shared my experience at events hosted by Trinidad HAYATT Hotel, local media, places of worship and other spaces, as a motivational tool to encourage others who may have been experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse.
. Before the Pandemic I had executed a few events in the form of A Fashion Show & Tea Party for the purpose of acquiring an Above Elbow Transradial Prosthesis however I was only able to raise TT$30.000.00 which is a drop in the bucket toward the funds I will need to realize my goal. Not including return airfare, ground transport, hotel accommodation and meals the cost of the Prosthesis is US$93,109.08 (TT$651,763.56) as quoted by New Life Brace & Limb operated by Trinidad & Tobago Orthotics & Prosthetics LLC. Ltd. The fitting has to be done at the parent company located in Houston, Texas. I am requesting funding here on FundMeTT so I can begin to lie a more fruitful life for myself and my loved ones.
I will be hosting the 3rd Annual Motivation In Motion Fashion Show & Tea Party funraiser which will be held at the Mon Repos Community Center, Tyler Smith Street in San Fernando, Trinidad from 3pm - 6pm on Sunday 30th October 2022 as another avenue to realise my goal. Tickets for the event cost $150.00. Early bird tickets cost $130.00.
If you wish to donate to the cause monetary deposits can be made in the name of: Tricia St. John - Republic Bank Limited Chequing Acct #290 023 389 501
For further information you can contact me at (1-868) 342-4627 or (1-868) 720-4874 or email or my supporting coordinator Caitleen Brown @ 868-354-6139 or email
Thank you for your kind contributions to HELP TRICIA ST. JOHN WAVE AGAIN!
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Help Tricia Wave Again

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Created Oct 24, 2022 | San Fernando
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