Our precious Macy-Lee started her Sunday as any normal day, however, how it ended was tragic and lifechanging. She was severely injured due to an automatic iron gate falling on her and has started her journey to regaining the closest state to a normal life.
Macy-Lee opened their automatic gate which was manual this day and it unexpectantly fell on her. The gate slid down a gentle decline with her under towards the drain. She sustained head injuries and severe facial bone fractures. She was hospitalized for about a week. During this time, she had undergone surgery and the doctors confirmed that she would not have the use of one of her eyes. Any money donated will be used for her medical costs and other related expenses.
She was successful getting through to new job since graduating and has her whole life ahead of her. Any amount you’re willing to donate will be greatly appreciated and should you be unable to contribute money at this time, please share with your friends and family or community as it would mean the world to Macy-Lee, as well.

For debit card/online transfers, please send to 
Ronallie Jeffers
RBC Royal Bank account: 100088174142159
Conversion for US is 6.75

Updated 11:10:23 - Macy-Lee is gradually healing on the outside. She would have to venture abroad for proper treatment as doctors here just giving limited attention as the only operation they did was to stitch the eye. They haven't done anything regarding the broken nose and cheekbones and raising the eye back to where it was. Due to the fact that the eye is not good again as they say. They not doing anything. 
I thank all who have donated and sent prayers. May God bless you all.  She have a very long road to go and God would be with us through it all. 
  • Angela Gonzales Brown
    Angela Gonzales Brown donated $675

    Sending love to your family.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $675

    Ronallie and Macy..thinking of you and hoping for Macy's complete recovery in body, mind and spirit.

  • Rebecca Brathwaite
    Rebecca Brathwaite donated $1,350

    Praying for your complete healing in Jesus name. God us so good

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $1,013

    May the Almighty God be your strength in this season of your life

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $68
  • Maida Sharpe-Silverio
    Maida Sharpe-Silverio donated $675
  • Lynette Goden
    Lynette Goden donated $675

    You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I hope you find healing with each and every day. God bless you.

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Help with Macy-Lee Road To Recovery

by Ronallie Francia Jeffers
Created Sep 20, 2023 | Trinidad
$5,130 raised of $100,000 goal 5%
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