This Campaign is a True Love Story!

(Happy and Safe!)

The horses that call Friendship Riding Stables Home, are ones that have been rescued from the world of Racing, and have found a brand new lease on life here at the Farm.

Once these horses outlived their usefullness on the Race Track, if they were not rescued, their fate would have been certain death...

Either they would have been sold to the Zoo and literally become meat for the Lions, or, abandoned, not cared for, and died slowly and miserably...

Thanks to Derek Hearn's compassion and care, the horses of Friendship Farm have been able to take on a whole other lifetime of usefullness and service. He has maintained and sustained the vision for many years, and has brought joy and smiles by connecting the people of Tobago - and beyond - with these intuitive beings!

(Just one of the many programs and initiative that helps our community youth.)

With acres of pristine land to roam on, these majestic and brilliant animals are now free to bring their unique selves to the forefront.

Did you know that in additon to being used for Equestrian Therapy for teenagers and young people, Friendship also facilitates a program where the residents of a local orphanage were able to experience the unique and healing interactions with the horses here?

(One of Our Young and Gifted Volunteers, Above.)

As with most industries in Tobago, the Stables relies heavily on Tourism to make the necessary funds required for upkeep and sustainablity. However, for the last two years, it has been extremely difficult to care for the animals by our own strength, as the pandemic has brought it's unique social and economic challenges.

We would love to continue to do our part and provide a safe space for our young people to explore and develop themselves and their emotions, and your donations can help us continue this very important and fullfilling work.

We ask that, in order to help us keep these programs alive, so that it may benefit the ones that truly need it the most, that you donate whatever you can, so that they are kept in the best physcial and emotional state...

Blessings in advance for your GIFTS OF LOVE and ACTS OF KINDNESS!
  • Lystra Mohammed-Burkhart
    Lystra Mohammed-Burkhart donated $81
    LISA BEHARRY donated $169

    I love animals and hope that my very little contribution helps in some way. I hope to get to visit sometime.

  • Denise Rick Bean
    Denise Rick Bean donated $675

    Because of the beautiful Kristy!

  • Stephanie Minty
    Stephanie Minty donated $169
  • key
    key donated $1,350

    for the cause

  • Wendy yawching
    Wendy yawching donated $135

    Because of Kristy ?

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Helping the Horses of Friendship Riding Stables

by Kevin Fortune
Created Nov 07, 2021 | Friendship Riding Stables, Carnbee, Tobago
$2,579 raised of $10,000 goal 26%
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