Meet one of my baby cousins, she is the elder daughter of one of my mom's twin sisters- Shalene Chandarjeet. She is a single mom of 2 wonderful kids, and a cancer survivor.
A couple years ago, our family was completely shaken to learn that Shal, was diagnosed with Hodkins Lymphoma disease.
My aunt, Shal's mom was beside herself having lost her husband, my uncle and Shalene's dad to cancer some years before.
I recall.asking God why, hoping for an answer to make sone sense of the crisis. In her battle with Hodgkins we all saw a Phoenix rise- worry was replaced by admiration for this young mother's inner strength that blossomed in the midst of her crises. Upon learning of her illness, she was also faced with a divorce. Shalene struggled to overcome both physical and emotional trauma and She Survived!

She credited her strength to God and the love of her family, friends and wellwishers.
It is amazing where Help can come from in circumstances like these.

Today my little cousin is facing a new giant in Thyroid cancer and I have started this campaign trusting in the Goodness of God and the hearts that will be blessed by sharing a donation to aid with surgery and medical costs.

May God bless every cheerful giver today and always. 
 I am Suzanne Rajkumar, an SJC alumni, married and living out of TnT.  
  • Yvette La Rodé
    Yvette La Rodé donated $675
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    Anonymous donated $338
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    Anonymous donated $338
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    Anonymous donated $675
  • Cindy Solomon
    Cindy Solomon donated $1,013

    I pray that God continue to bless and protect you in this journey 🙏

  • Sharda Ramsajan
    Sharda Ramsajan donated $304
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $135
  • Suzanne Rajkumar
    Suzanne Rajkumar donated $675

    Trusting in God to be your strength and comforter as you walk this journey to your healing. You will rise again, Sweetie.

  • Faith is believing in the unseen- this campaign is created In faith, where hope drives us to believe that God will bless every cheerful donor who contributes to this journey of Shalene´s life. This chapter is about her renewal in God´s grace through each donation.
    Thank you so much for every contribution.



by Suzanne Rajkumar
Created Apr 27, 2024 | TRINIDAD
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