What can we do to help our companies grow through this suffering COVID preriod?

I have been struggling for years to find an outlet to start a business to advertise Companies products, other Artists and my movies and music created, played on different outlets where we can make a profit. I believe creating a market to advertise and sell our products online on different platforms can develop a profit while we are at home confined. Could you please help me make this dream a reality, by providing a Live Stream Broadcast Network Service to provide all your needs?

My name is RIcki Nicole Manmohan. I have previous studies in Communication Arts, Audio Engineering, Radio Broadcasting, Photojournalism, Videorgraphy, FIlm and Music Video Production, Graphic Arts, Marketing and Advertising.
I have work experience at The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), Studio 161, Champion Sounds, 104.7fm More Iconic Radio, Win TV and Synergy TV, Advertising Agencies, working as an Audio Engineer, Film Producer, Director, Editor, Videorgrapher, Audio and Video Recording Archivist, Graphic Artist, Company Commercial Media Data Analyst-Statistician, News Resarcher, Film and Photography Teacher and Kindergarden Teacher.

I am in my third year as a student at National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) studing 'Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Digital Media Arts Specialised in Animation and Music Technology Programme'.
I am organising the final steps in the creation of my business organisation, 'I-MAN PRODUCTIONS Live Stream Broadcasting Network' for participation in my Entrepreneurial Practice in Business, business class proposal,
‘I-MAN PRO LIVE' Sponsorship Campaign, which will be held from March 13 to July 30, 2021, is a beginning of my business supported by the National Academy of the Performing Arts Center (NAPA) and is dedicated to increasing the growth of my future at work, to use the promotion of my skills, to achieve my business goals. This project is in subjection to my graded performance and input I placed in. As part of my class
At school, the projects I create includes, movies and music. I would like to continue this practice at work, in my company, I-Man Production. I have a list of the equipment I personally own below. A camera and some accessories but I am still I am still in need of Microphones, XLR Cables and other major pieces that could help me start my creation, of my Live stream Broadcasting Network with my own online shows.
I-Man Productions' Live Stream Broadcasting Network for 24/7 marketing and entertainment outlet services provided from one platform. Our mission is to restream your company's' products, advertisements, movies and music to any service of your choice. I would like to have a professional relationship with you where I can create an Advance Live Streaming and Video Hosting outlet to display my work with your company and many others who would like to have their work broadcasted and advertised online with Livestream Networks, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instergram, Linkened, Pinterest, Vimeo, Television and Radio.
SHARED LINKS to follow up and, for more project details please contact:

I-Man Production Website

I-MAN PRO LIVE Stream Broadcasting Network
Advertising a business is getting more competitive everyday. As a business owner, you need to cement your reputation. Your first and best choice for Broadcasting Live DJ's, Music Videos, HD & 4K Series, Films and Advertising online is with Livestream Networks, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instergram, Linkened, Pinterest, Vimeo Television and Radio.
Most business are aware of the importance of digital marketing and levering social medial platforms for acquiring new customers and refering them.
The problem that often arises is that businesses struggle with the right stratagy when it comes to running ads on Facebook and other social media outlets.

I-Man Productions Live Stream Broadcasting Network data visualization can make communication more effective. Stand out among the competition.

Our Mission
Our mission is of highly quality marketing service building on Social Media Networks for business contacts that allows our clients and partners to grow steadily and dynamically while developing the potential of their own business.
To optimise clients’ videos for SEO video rankings on Google and YouTube search platforms. To create video advertising content strategies for their clients that align with business goals.
Introducing progressive creative solutions, translated into business development internationally and local.

Our Vision
Our vision is the reality in which democratical activities dedicated to business translate into understanding the needs and expectation of the envoronment in which the company operates, and at the same time these activities are based on innovations, professionalism ethics and integrity.

Our Services
As ONE and perminant cooperation with Live Stream Video, you communicate messages in less space than words. Icons and illustrations in social media website graphics can be a powerful tool for visual communication.
  • Film Production - Advertisements, Coporate Commercial Spots, Live Music Videos, Thematic, Instuctional, Animated and 360 FIlms and Sound.
  • Build Websites, Shops and Blogs
  • Graphic Design - Advertisements, Printing
  • Photoshoot - Product Photography
  • Social Media - Adverting Develop Brand
Our Media
People will likely continue to work remotely well into 2021. That means shooting new video content outdoors without the right equipment. Videos that make use of text-on-screen to communicate messages are a way of getting around that. Instead of needing a whole punctuation team to create a simple text heavy video in a fraction of time. I-Man Productions is ready to complile all three of Marketing, Adverting and Creating Your Image.
I-MAN PRODUCTIONS is holding ‘I-Man LIVE' Sponsorship Campaign. The purpose of this event is to show I- Man Productions Livestream Broadcasting Network's activity, to create solutions in solving the problems that our community we are facing, by producing and sharing our art, music, movies, documentary talk shows where we can talk and share our thoughts, experiences. All movies and music aired, would be varied for all age groups. But my efforts to having a professional show won't reach their maximum effectiveness unless
we have the backing of an entire community.
Personally, I am Producer, Directer, Editor and Camera Personnel for (2) two of my movies, 'Breaking Barriers'. A documentary staring honorable 'Dr. Mungal Patasar and Pantar the band' with co host Machel Montano and Sheldon Blackman.
Along with, 'Bounty Killer Live @ Zen', A Live Concert recording of Bounty Killer at Club Zen in Trinidad.
By saying "Thank You" I am sharing both movies with you, as a gift for being a permanent part of my company's' creation and progress.

Equipment Ownership List
  • SONY PXW Z-190 - Compact 4K 3-CMOS 1/3- type Sensor XDCAM Camcorder - Video Bag, 64GB SDXC U3 Card, Video Tripod, Cleaning Kit, Memory Wallet, Card Reader
  • Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 Audio Interface
  • SlingStudio Hub Base & Expander - HD Video Switcher for Camera Production and Live streaming.
  • E400 LCD Home Office Projector 800 x 480P Linux SupportHDMI/USB/Audio/AV/VGA
  • PACE iLok3 USB Key Software Authorisation Device
  • MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2017. 2.9 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7. 16GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3. MacOS Catalina 10.15.6
I am inviting you to be a Sponsor or Supporter of this Company! As a leader in the community, your involvement with us in ‘I-MAN PRO LIVE Sponsorship Campaign', To promote you as a continuous 80% + profit advertising with us. This is an opportunity for your organisation to receive exposure and to join other individuals, organisations, and coalitions in our community on one Broadcasting Station. I-Man Productions services in advertising and marketing your products for sales. Creating advertisements, websites, movie series, music amongst other things will strengthen our community partnerships and financial services. Providing education and entertainment in Media, Sports, Documentaries, 3D VJ Music and much more. To create video advertising content strategies for clients that align with business goals. I am introducing some progressive creative solutions, translated into business development internationally and local. Advertise with I-Man Productions Broadcasting Network “Trends That Will Dominate.” This theme reminds that, daily helping a friend make positive choices or supporting a family member in need, can lead to healthier lives for each of us today, and stronger, happier communities, tomorrow. Enhanced Digital Tech. We will see an acceleration of digital's role in creating superior customer experiences.
Call For Your Sponsorship!
TOTAL AMOUNT - US $1,440 / TT $9,775

Since you initially help me create my business. With your help, all Sponsors has discounted prices with our service when shows are created,
  • VIP status gives discounted prices, choice of time and placements of their Company's Advertisements.
  • All Sponsors Brand Name and Comapanys' Advertisement placement shown as a Perminant Foundational Sponsor on I - Man Productions Live stream Broadcasting Network Movies.
  • All Sponsors create 80% Profit made from orders made online service we provide at different online outlets and Advertisements are shown for free.
Partner - TT $1000 VIP AVERTISEMENT created for your company's new advertisement made by I-Man Productions, Copy of 2 films created by I-Man Productions.

Supporter - TT $800 ADVERTISEMENT created for your company's advertisement made by I-Man Productions, Copy of 2 films created by I-Man Productions.

Contributor - TT $600 ADVERTISEMENT created for your company's advertisement made by I-Man Productions, Copy of 2 films created by I-Man Productions.

Subscriber - TT $400 ADVERTISEMENT created for your company's advertisement made by I-Man Productions, Copy of 2 films created by I-Man Productions.

Friend - TT $200 ADVERTISEMENT created for your company's advertisement made by I-Man Productions, Copy of 2 films created by I-Man Productions.

Sponsor - Others less than TT $200 - Copy of 2 films created by I-Man Productions.

We'll take care of your company's image campaign from scratch. As so do you in helping ours. Thank you, Ii is greatly appreated that you spent your time and interest <3
We invite you to cooperate with expanding our business for Live Indoor/Outdoor Video Productions
  • SlingStudio Cameralink & Battery - US $329 + $211 = US $540 / TT 3,554 = US $349 / TT $2,368
  • 1 Audio-Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone Bundle US $179.99 + $95.57 Shipping & Import Fees = US $276 / TT $1,874
  • 1 Shure SM57-LC Instrument/Vocal Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Bundle with Mic Boom Stand, XLR Cable Mic Clip, and Bag - US $169.00 + $140.79 Shipping & Import Fees = US $311/ TT $2,111
  • Mackie ProFX6v3 6-Channel Sound Reinforcement Mixer with Built-In FX Bundle with TH-02 Studio Headphones, Mophead 10-Foot XLR Cable, 2x Mophead 10-Foot TRS Cables and 4x Cable Ties
    US $179.00 + $134.01 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Trinidad and Tobago = US $313 / TT $2,125.49
TOTAL US $1,440 / TT $9,775​​​​​​

We'll take care of your company's image campaign from scratch. As so, do you in helping ours.
My class presentation is on a time limit. I would keep all clients list updated on sponsorship updates on achievement and closure. All products bought and money made would be accounted for.
If you have any ideas and input please feel free to share. Your opinion is valued.
Thank you, It is greatly appreciated that you for spent your time and interest.

Yours truly,
Ricki Nicole Manmohan
There are no donations
    #8 Edghill Drive, Glencoe. Port of Spain. Trinidad.
    1 (868) 792 - 7745
    IMANPRO2021@GMAIL.COM JzDbdpyBxcQMWvCjGQ/featured



by Ricki Nicole Manmohan
Created Mar 14, 2021 | PORT OF SPAIN
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