My name is Charmaine, I am the co-founder of "Chi Tocar Holistic Consultancy Services, in partnership with Chromed Business Consultancy Services & Employment Agency.
We were established for over 20 years.As we continue to provide affordable and reliable services to many households throughout Trinidad & Tobago.
We have been able to acquire over 60,000. followers, clients, customers and family by extension. On many social media platforms such as Facebook Groups, IG, WhatsApp to name a few.
Before and during the pandemic we have embarked on health and wellness to many of our clients and try tiredeously to provide employment.for single parents. We recognised that even though many needed the services, they were financially unequip to purchase nutritional recommendations to improve their health.
We at Chi Tocar and Chromed Businesses, are asking for Financial Donations to help with basic food, adequate nutrition, monthly bills, construction to our home for earthquake damage in 2018, Our home desperately in need of a new roof for some time now, for our family/household, childs' education and to be able to assist other families that are struggling as well.

We got hit really hard due to a shortage of clients visiting us.
Our business and livelihood is literally hanging by a thin thread. We have had difficulties in paying our bills, maintaining basic food and household supplies.
We had embarked on a donation drive during 2021, of which we were able to feed and clothe 10 families throughout Trinidad with the support of close family and friends. Since then we were unable to continue due to lack of support from the public.
Helping people to eat and feel healthy everyday. As the times are getting harder this will help a lot of people who are suffering from lifestyle diseases like sugar, high blood pressure, who's on a low calorie diet etc, avoid going to the pharmacy to purchase medicine that they cannot afford rather help them to purchase healthy food that can heal..... Help me help others and try to bring back a little order to everyday life!

Full Body Biometric Assessment Scan - $250. (50% Discounted)
Get $50. Commission on referals of clients
Photography & Videography packages as low as $3000.
Livestream for all events
Companies that are willing to donate up to $3000,
Get marketing on all our social media platform for 6 months.
Any donations over $5000.
Get marketing for 12 months.
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In Aid of Basic Food Support, Monthly Bills For Families

by Charmaine Williamson-Castello
Created Nov 17, 2022 | Trinidad
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