The Modelling Association of Trinidad and Tobago is happy to present a genuine and unique initiative to advance the Modelling landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. This program provides real networking, educational and job opportunities for persons aged 17 to 28 involved in the creative industries through modelling.

Photo by Michelle Joseph
TMATT Master Class 2022

We are excited to present our plans for The International Exposure Program, and with your help as a contributor, we are aiming to secure the funding necessary to make the program a reality.
Meeting this goal is vitally important to bring about beneficial results to its participants and therefore we are asking for your support.

Photo by Michelle Joseph
TMATT Master Class 2022


1 | The Modelling Association of Trinidad and Tobago (TMATT) will be partnering with ThriveIN Collective to host the International Exposure Program, where a contingent of models will connect with industry professionals and stakeholders of the global creative sector, all in one location to network, learn and work.
The model's primary focus will be to secure job opportunities and gain valuable knowledge on international best practices and industry operations. They will acquire experience in marketing themselves and will gain exposure to cultural diversity.
From this initiative we hope to present the local modelling industry to the international market, providing more local models with the opportunity to claim the rank of international status. This will also create avenues for growth and development of the local market in Trinidad and Tobago.

2 | The Modelling Association of Trinidad and Tobago’s (TMATT) vision is to discover and deploy initiatives to help develop the local modelling sub-sector. We aim to do this through education of best practices for models and stakeholders, implementation of legislation to govern the industry, creation of standardised operations within the sub-sector and marketing of our models and by extension our fashion industry, products and services.
Over the past six (6) years, TMATT has
  • Consistently educated models and industry professionals, providing theory, real-life application of skill sets and on-the-job training through the STRIDE Faces of Fashion three (3) month model training and personal development workshop, now in its 6th year.
  • Hosted the first-ever Model of the Year Award ceremony in 2018 to recognize the accomplishments of local models, which we hope to revive this year after a four-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Launched the Modelling Hall of Fame to chronicle and recognize local models who have excelled over their lifetime.
  • Initiated the School Tour lecture series to educate secondary school students on “What modelling is so they can identify what it is not” as part of the Stride Faces of Fashion model training and personal development workshop.

3 | The objectives of this program are
  • For participants to gain an understanding of how the international industry functions
  • For participants to acquire a targeted approach to being marketable and truly compete on the international stage
  • For participants to capitalise on international job opportunities through exposure to industry stakeholders.
  • Create international alliances for the Modelling Association of Trinidad and Tobago·
  • Conduct meetings with international stakeholders that speak to the I.E.P mandate. Eg. agencies, photographers, designers, coaches, bookers, and fashion-based organisations in Bali and internationally attending the event.
  • Gain knowledge of industry best practices that can be applied locally
  • Increase the number of industry stakeholders with international industry knowledge locally.
  • Create linkages that can assist in the development of the local modelling industry standards in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Form international alliances to assist in ease of work for models internationally
  • Development of industry professionals which will lead to the overall development of the industry
  • Present Trinidad and Tobago as an international scouting pool for professional models

4 | This program provides a unique opportunity to capitalise on the gathering of industry professionals and stakeholders from multiple markets in one location. This allows our models to network, learn and secure work in the international market. It also provides the Association representatives with the chance to, present Trinidad and Tobago as a hub for scouting professional models and creating more interest in our local market.

5 |The International Exposure Program or I.E.P will target the youth market, persons aged 17 to 28 interested in pursuing modelling as a full-time career. It will also create value for people who utilise Trinidadian and Tobagoian models’ services within the fashion, manufacturing and service industries locally and internationally.


The International Exposure Program or I.E.P will target the youth market, persons aged 17 to 28 interested in pursuing modelling as a full-time career. As most models are not only models but singers, actors, dancers and or possess other creative talents we will be taking this into account during our casting process. Being multi-talented will be seen as a plus as it allows for a great chance for marketability and to capitalise on opportunities from this program.

The participant will acquire value on a broad spectrum. As the ThriveIN Xchange event allows for training, networking and career-building opportunities for persons in all areas of the creative industries. As participants are coached by industry stakeholders from across the globe.
  • As 2023 is our flagship program we will be taking two (2) models, one (1) male and one (1) female, who fit the international fashion model criteria, with the goal of carrying ten (10) persons from 2024 onwards
  • The target group is persons aged 17 to 28 who fall into either the fashion or commercial model categories.
  • The Association intends to hold two (2) annual screenings starting in 2024 in Trinidad and Tobago respectively to interview persons ready from the international market.


We Create The Opportunity

Photo by Kevin Falby
Stride 2022 participants on a commercial test shoot

The Benefits

As more and more youth are given the opportunity to attend this event
  • They will gain an understanding of how the international industry functions.
  • They can develop a targeted approach to what they need to do to be marketable and truly compete on the international stage.
  • They can share knowledge gained with local stakeholders.
  • They can apply the knowledge acquired to their operations in the local industry.
  • Be open to real international job opportunities through exposure to industry stakeholders at the event.
  • They will gain self-confidence by increasing self-efficacy through skills learned and self-esteem from having been a representative of their industry and country at an international event.

Fashion models Christina Thomas & Darrell Hart
STRIDE Faces of Fashion 2022 Graduates
1st participants of the International Exposure Program

This initiative directly contributes to the development of the industry by creating linkages that can assist in the development of local industry standards, exposure to international best practices and international alliances. Providing a real chance for greater industry knowledge locally and a better ability to achieve local economic diversity through the development of the creative industries.

We ask for you to give your support to this program by giving a donation.
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International Exposure Program

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