Hi guys, my name is Kendell Boodoo. I am 23 years of age and I am autistic. I’m currently pursuing an animation degree at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. I am working on my capstone project called, “Kenny & Brown Bear: Mini Series”.

It’s a 2D-animation mini-series. There are 2 main characters, Kenny and Brown Bear.
Kenny is 8-year-old. He doesn’t talk much because he's autistic. He likes to play with toys, sculpting plasticine, cooking and drawings. His best friend is a teddy bear named Brown Bear.

Brown Bear has soft brown fur but it's not fluffy. He’s very cute and cuddly with a small head and jet-black shiny eyes that stare out of his small face. Brown Bear keeps Kenny’s company everywhere he goes.

The mini-series has 3 episodes. Each episode is 3-4 minutes long. More episodes are planned in the future.

To view the series pilot click on the following link:

The funds raised will be used to cover the cost of producing, marketing and merchandising the mini-series.

Kenny and Brown Bear: Pilot 2019 (*WINNER* Best Sound Design in ToonMarket)
2015 Animae Caribe: Kendell Boodoo - Most Promising Animator

For project updates and other animations by Kendell Boodoo see:
Instagram - kennyandbrownbearminiseries
YouTube – K.B.M.W. Channel

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For more information, contact Kendell Boodoo at:

Kenny & Brown Bear: MINI-SERIES


$100 or less

-Kenny & Brown Bear: Mini-Series: Thank you on Social Media/E-Mail

$100 - $200
-Thank you on Social Media/E-Mail
-Name listed in credits
-Early Access Film

$300 - $400
-All of the above
-Behind the scenes (Shots/Characters/Background) Choose one only.

-All of the Above
- Thank you on Social Media/E-Mail with name listed in credit
- Kenny & Brown Bear Merchandise: Pin Set, Key Chain, custom T-shirt, Mug, ETC

Thank you for your support.
  • Joyce Santo
    Joyce Santo donated $169

    Best wishes for your studies and future endeavores!

  • Behnaz Afrakhte
    Behnaz Afrakhte donated $169

    Kenny this looks awesome. Look forward to hearing more about it!

  • Kari Dunn Buron
    Kari Dunn Buron donated $675

    Congratulations Kendell!

  • Joshua J Wharwood
    Joshua J Wharwood donated $135

    Hope your campaign is successful and you get to tell your story!

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Kenny & Brown Bear: Mini-Series

by Kendell Boodoo
Created Feb 22, 2021 | Trinidad And Tobago
$1,148 raised of $5,000 goal 23%
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