Hello friends , family and donors, I have created this go fund me today to aid in getting an laptop withintentions of using it for school.

Online School has been apart of my life for some time now and i am currently needing a new laptop. My currentt laptop has been going down and easily giving up slowly. Currently my laptop has the following specs : touch screen, 1tb hard drive, i7 processor. I need this heavy laptop because of the program that i am currently running which is called autocad. As some of you may know autocadd is an essicential program in the eyes of a Enginner .

This laptop is an essisential part of my schooling as i strive for sucess at the end. I
I am a single child and i live with my grand mother. We cant afford any laptop at this time. Please aid me in getting a laptop so i can continue school.

My current laptop , the screen is jumping. Sometimes when the it is bootng up , it will automatically shuddown . While using the laptop , the mouse sometimes would stay in one conner pressing and all differnt things would pop up. These are just some issues

We took it to try get it repaired and i was advice to purchase another one. The dell center in San Fernando has advice me that i needed to purchase another one because the harddrive is about to go and the processor has a problem which will shortly be gone.

Please aid me in obtaining one. Any questions or if you which to contact me , you can watsapp 18683926996. Thank you in advance to whatever little you can offer
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Laptop Needed For School!!!!!!!!!!

by Christhoper Persad
Created May 29, 2023 | mayaro
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