Never did we think we would be living in such a time. it has highlighted some gaps in our system that no one anticipated, mental and financial distress, homelessness, etc. While some have adjusted quickly, others are not so fortunate. Almost 2 years now and parents cannot put food on the table due to unemployment. Caregivers are fighting to survive by learning new skills, where others have simply given up. Along with this fallout are the most vulnerable, our children.

Thousands of children have fallen through the cracks because their parents have no money to facilitate the purchase of laptops or tablets to ensure their learning continues. Kids are now in markets hustling alongside parents, posted outside of supermarkets begging a dollar when they should be attending online classes.
  • It is their right to have an education!
  • It is their right to have a decent childhood!.
With this campaign, you and many more like yourself can save one child from a life without education and in so doing better smaller chances of surviving when we return to a better normal.

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Laptops 4 Life

by K M
Created Jul 20, 2021 | global
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