The Carbon Zero Institute of Trinidad and Tobago, CZITT (pronounced “Seize It!”) is a non-profit organisation involved in Awareness and Advocacy, Programmes and Projects for reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change. We implement research, promotions, engagement with stakeholders, advocacy, projects and support for initiatives of the governments and civil society. Our quest for sustainability has brought us here…
Our Vision is for all secondary schools students in CARICOM have access to world leading online academic resources to complement the classroom Our Mission is to develop, maintain and grow the region’s premier e-learning platform, partnering with governments, funders, advertisers, other content developers, schools and teachers in the development and delivery of learning resources and to promote awareness and action in the fight against climate change.

This platform, is designed for “learning from home”. We support students in need for a refresher or self study, parents who suddenly have to become teachers and teachers who are losing contact with their students. Entire schools can have a portal on our platform where their students will have access to their designated information. We are using video teaching material in “bite sized” chunks to teach each topic in the syllabus. Our developers are hard at work, creating and combining information for new and innovative ways of learning. We also have live classes and special events for more interactive sessions. CZITT-Ed is our response to the COVID-19 pandemic which has left hundreds of thousands of students in the Caribbean “stranded” at home and with limited opportunities to receive anything close to the level of education they deserve. We designed this platform to be part of and to lead the revolution needed in education. Accordingly we are creating the learning environment of the future – today. The core of our content is short videos on topics covering the CSEC and CAPE syllabus which can be viewed on one’s own time. This is complemented by study guides, past papers and other complementary resources including live online sessions with our teachers. From the comfort and safety of your home, you will be able to view the videos, read the documents, participate in live classes, and be a part of special lectures or events. Teachers, and schools, are invited to have your own portals with your own material. Let us know how we can continue to grow and serve your educational needs better.

The Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) and the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) were set for July 2020. CZITT recognised that there was a dearth of online resources available for both sets of students. However the CAPE students, albeit a smaller group, were more seriously affected as their exams are entrance for university and there was less online resources available for them. CZITT selected 12 CAPE subjects which covered three quarters of the enrollment. We broke up the syllabuses into topics that could be covered in 10 – 15 minute videos which resulted in 30 – 50 videos per CAPE subject. We brought together a panel of experts to review the process and content and more than 40 content developers and subject coordinators. The platform is being constantly updated with new video content as well as related documents. The platform accommodates live classes to complement the process. Following the CAPE rollout CSEC subjects will be added as well as Secondary Entrance course material. The material on this platform is offered free of charge up to the 2020 CAPE.

We are raising funds for the development of videos which cost $1,000 each
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Leaving No Student Behind

by Donald Baldeosingh
Created Jun 02, 2020 | Caribbean
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