Hi , I'm Malcom Lewis 25 years old,
My goal is to basically start online webhosting company, Here we can create new jobs in trindad and tobago. The webhosting business takes some time to grow but your customers stick with you
If i can at least start off with a resller hosting I will be able to have working captial ,
It's very differcult for me because the banksdoesnt reconigized these businesses in T&T.

So how is the funds going to be used?
All funds will be used for the server and hiring a support team.
at least part time for now .

How are you going to make money?
If we charge $12 usd a month and we manage to at least get
our first 100 customers. that is $1,200 usd .
this can at least pay 5 persons part time.
and we can still make a profit.
to expand.

How this is going to help create more jobs?
Trinidad and Tobago doesn't really have job oppunities for
young talents in Information Technology. Young people can
have the chance to make it big out there . In bigger markets than trinidad and tobago.

Why you only ask for such small donation?
We are not a greedy team. We understand things are very tight with most people
We are a very small team of 3 persons thus far. So the money will be ued to give us
a good start . A business takes time to grow.

Can I get a shout-out!?
Yes, on our website our team will put your name on our websites;

Special thanks
we thank you very much for your help and support.!!!!

$119.99 usd monthly
  • 8 core CPU
  • 32GB RAM
  • 250GB SSD storage
  • 2.5TB bandwidth
  • 150 cPanel accounts
  • Free SSL certificates

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Let's Create new jobs! -Business Project - Webhosting ,Website design, Selling on line, etc..

by Malcom Lewis
Created Sep 25, 2021 | sanfernando
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