My name is Anthony La Fon. I am reaching out to you to request the assistance in supporting my fundraising efforts to cover urgent personal medical expenses.
Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes.
A condition that I have conscientiously attempted to keep under control and even reverse, by intentionally adopting healthy habits.
In this regard, I have consistently and actively engaged in sporting activities. Specifically, I am a professional musician and member of the Barataria Ball Players, Ulric Buggy Haynes and Sticky Wicket Cricket Clubs.
Notwithstanding my efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle in the hope of eventually reversing my diagnosis, I have recently experienced a most unfortunate and challenging bout of ill health related to diabetes, which led to the amputation of my middle toe on October 2nd and my 2nd and 4th toes and half of my instep from midway of the instep down to the amputated toes of my left foot, on October 25th 2022 at Eric Williams Medical Complex. I have been carded to do a bypass surgery on my left leg, based on blockages and narrowing of the blood vessels in my lower left leg and foot which was discovered after undergoing a Diagnostic Angiogram on October 21st 2022, at Eric Williams Medical Complex. (See attached document.)
I am currently undergoing intense wound-care treatment as an alternative route of healing the wound, because of the high risk attached to the leg bypass surgery.
The bypass has been postponed due to serious life threatening risk attached to doing it. My irregular heartbeat condition, being an additional posed risk. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is also highly recommended to aid in the healing process by increasing my body’s oxygen levels to increase my white blood cell count to expedite the healing process, to avoid the need for further amputations. The cost for the Wound Care Therapy is in the sum of TT$50,000. For 48 sessions thereof and the Hyperbaric Treatment is in the sum of TT$36,000. For 40 sessions thereof. (Please see attached quotations).
While I have sought medical care through the public health system, some of the highly recommended treatment is unavailable at public health institutions, thus requiring that I seek treatment through private healthcare providers. The cost of such private healthcare is quite restrictive for my family and I.

In this regard, I wish to note that I supported myself, my wife and children through the income I earned while working as a TT Rideshare driver. In my circumstances, I have spent a considerable amount of time hospitalized and am currently confined to keep off the foot as much as possible in aid of giving my wound a better chance of healing. Therefore, at the moment, not only am I unable to fulfill my responsibility of working to provide for my family, it seems overwhelmingly impossible for me to cover the previously mentioned medical expenses to restore my health and, thus, my ability to work.
As you can imagine, the situation has proved highly stressful and daunting for my family and I, as we are solely dependent on donations of family members friends and well wishers to maintain our daily living needs. Notwithstanding, I am determined to explore all possible legitimate options to access the medical treatment needed to restore my health. As such, I have begun reaching out to persons and organizations to request any assistance they could possibly provide, particularly financial assistance, toward covering these expenses.
Anyone willing to contribute and may experience challenges with the account, can make deposits to the following Republic Bank and RBC accounts:

Account Name: Anthony La Fon
Bank: Republic Bank
Account #: 2600 4016 3731
(Savings acc.)
Account Name: Cherokee Global Concepts
Bank: RBC
Account #: 1100 0000 4360 481
(Chequing acc.)

When making your contribution, please state
"In aid of Anthony La Fon's Medical Fundraiser" thank you and your name if you wish.
Any amount of contributions /donations will be accepted and appreciated as we trust God for a speedy recovery!
God bless you and your families
  • Owen lafon
    Owen lafon donated $169
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $20
  • Juliet Celestine-Warnaar
    Juliet Celestine-Warnaar donated $169
  • Ashlee Riopka and Roper Elrod
    Ashlee Riopka and Roper Elrod donated $1,350

    We love you Teddy and Nadia. You are in our prayers! Stay strong!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $675

    God give you speedy recovery and the best of doctors

  • Petula Cunningham
    Petula Cunningham donated $675

    Praying for you! Keep the faith

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $338
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $135

    Wishing u a speedy recovery in Jesus Name!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $338
  • HazelAnn Johnson
    HazelAnn Johnson donated $675

    There is nothing too hard that our God can't do. You and your family are in my prayers, keep the faith. Love you cousin- in- law.

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Medical Fundraiser for Anthony “Teddy”La Fon

by Anthony “Teddy” La Fon
Created Nov 26, 2022 | Arima, Trinidad and Tobago.
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