My name is Gabriella Thomas and I would like to be a Neurosurgeon one day. Of course, I would need to become a doctor first before I specialize but just to get started, I would like help to achieve the first portion of my education - which is medical school. Upon completion of medical school, I can then work my way to the top. I have already used GATE to acquire a bachelor's degree in Health Psychology which is what I will be using to enter into the MBBS program at UWI which I have been told that I can do to bypass the N1 program and get straight into the MBBS program. I graduated with a 3.55 GPA and I am a very hard worker in all that I do. If it is possible to use GATE again to do the MBBS program by repaying them for my first degree then I can do that, if not I would really love the help to pay for medical school at UWI. I would also need to repay the student loan that I took out when I attended university for my first degree which is a total of $58,000 which is without interest at the moment. Despite living at home, my parents do not support me in any way, they were negligent of the bills and providing food for me and so during my time at school I was forced to pay for everything. I messed up my GATE application for my first year and so I had to take a loan to pay a portion of my tuition, after that year, I simply continued applying for loans to buy books, food, pay all of the bills, etc.

I have considered the possibility of obtaining a master's in psychology so that I can work as a psychologist so that is also an option. I really want to work in the medical field to help others. Depending on what I can afford is what I will work toward. I have tried for months to get a job and have not gotten anywhere with that despite having a degree and 10 CSEC subjects. I have a son now, and I am unemployed and stuck trying to pay all of the bills while everyone consistently takes what little I used to get from social welfare as I used to go to therapy for severe depression, PTSD, and bipolar mood disorder so I was put on disability for a while. However, I am unable to continue those $1300 grants for a long period of time.

I would really love to further my education. This is a really big dream of mine. Anything that would be able to give me a start would be really appreciated.
If I were to get some of the money, it will go toward my tuition and finding a place to live away from my family who constantly takes what little I have because they know I need the lights and water to study so they take advantage of that. I am basically taking care of a bunch of adults who have abused me for years. If the money donated can only be enough for a master's degree as that is only two years, then I will do that. I can always go back to school when I am more financially stable for a medical degree. Please, anything will help me. I really want to work in the medical field; I really want to be successful in all that I do; I really want to be able to provide for my son to the best of my ability. I am young, I can work and I am a fighter. My education is one of my strongest suits.

Thank you for your time...
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Medical School

by Gabriella Thomas
Created May 27, 2022 | Trinidad
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