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As many of you will know NIKITA HARRIKISSOON has been battling with her health for some while
Within the past 5 weeks she had 3 kidney surgeries.
A large staghorn lodged itself at the base of the kidney in the ureter passage becoming obstructive causing the kidney to back up and severely infected .
Kidney infection (pyelonephritis) is a type of urinary tract infection (UTI) that generally begins in your urethra or bladder and travels to one or both of your kidneys.
The ct revealed masses of gases, pus and information in the kidney .
The blood works revealed high levels of white blood cells, the crp high all indicative of a severe infection .
The kidney function low.
My red blood cell count low as well.
The red blood cells opaque less red meaning that they are carrying less oxygen and are smaller in size making me severly Anemic.
Your kidney is responsible for producing the hormone that stimulates red blood cell production.
When these are low they are all indicative of a failing kidney.
My condition is classed as Chronic Kidney Disease 4 with a rare case of emphysematous pyelomephritis.
Emphysematous pyelonephritis (EPN) is a rare condition which is potentially life threatening. It is characterised by gas formation within the collecting system, renal parenchyma and/or perirenal tissues. Diabetes is the single most common risk factor for the development of EPN.
The doctors could not operate yet until the infection had cleared up a bit because of the amount of muck and gas inside .
In order to save the kidney and my life I was given a rigid course of iv antibiotics through iv .
They operated 3 days after and was able to laser the stone but the stone was already infected so when it shattered it became like granules.
They were unable to flush or clean the kidney because it was so dark from all the gas and debris.
They placed in a stent to avoid any obstruction and to keep the ureter passage open.
The culture test revealed that there was a severe form of an ecoli bacteria that is found in your gut called Klebsiella Pneumonia.
In your gut the bacteria is harmless but once it hits your organs it is deadly .
The bacteria enters from your uterus and makes its way up looking for organs to parisite.
The nature of the bacteria is that it adheres to any particle it can and is very mucky and sticky.
The bacteria has since been mutating.
I have tried over 7 different iv antibiotics but it is still resistant.
They sent me home to return the next week in an attempt to clean the kidney.
The fever the cold chills was all still there.
The second surgery they removed the stent and attempted to flush the kidney, however the bacteria covered granules of stone had now attached themselves to the walls of the kidney .
Dr Khan tried effortless to break them up .
We did more cts and bloods .
They sent me home with the antbiotic- ciproflax, zinnat and eloquin .
All of which the Klebsiella was sensitive too.
After 3 days the fever and cold chills returned .
I started seeing blood in my urine and having excrutiating pain.
I called Dr Khan he said to continue to the meds and if it worsens to come in.
Friday evening I went in and they did a ct.
Pieces of the walls of the kidney and the granules covered in the bacteria were obstructing the kidney again.
The blood works revealed a severe infection again.
The culture showed that in a matter of 3 days the bacteria was able to mutate against all those antibiotics and I had no coverage.
Dr Khan went into the kidney he broke up the obstruction, flushed it and placed back in a stent .
The kidney is tender and sore so he couldnt so anymore.
For the past 14 days Ive been on Invanz through iv .
It is one of the strongest antibiotics.
They have now put me on another 9 days of Invanz because the bacteria is showing some resistance.
I went yesterday to do the ct scan and blood works.
The crp is still very high.
It showed the granules covered bacteria and the gas .
Dr Khan is certain that this time he will get all of the particles out .
He will flush and drain the kidney and do a bladder irrigation.
If not an incision will be made in my back and they will manually clean it out.
He has been trying to avoid cutting me as I am diabetic since I had my son and the chances of me healing internally is low.
That is why he has opted for the laser.
Also by cutting me it risks the bacteria spreading.
Once the particles are out there will be less things for the bacteria to attach themselves unto.
The longer the bacteria stays the more damage it does to the kidney.
It weakens the kidney, causing scarring which is very painful and bleeding.
The other surgery is carded for Wedneday 30th of June.2021
I do not have all the funds to do it.
If anyone is willing to contribute .
I would greatly appreciate it .
Thank you ?❣
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Nikita Harrikissoon Medical Expense

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