While growing up in the Caribbean in the '80s and early '90s I developed a love for local content. Calypso & Reggae was always on the radio. Local television stations had narrative content with people who looked, spoke, and behaved as I did…. like we all did. Memories of fighting to stay awake to see Super Blue win another Soca Monarch, watching Carnival bands cross the stage on TV, the attempted coupe, a young Machel Montano jumping out of a pram dressed in a diaper are just some of the memories that I will never forget.
I eventually ventured overseas to become a sound engineer with the dream of carrying on the music I loved. A couple of years after returning home I switched fields and became a full-time filmmaker and I have never looked back. My new passion also gave me a heightened appreciation of who we are and our history. Over these years I have heard a wide range of stories, from our artists and others, who have helped shape our society and culture. We cannot afford for this knowledge to be lost to time. It is a treasure for future generations and as The Mighty Sparrow once sang “To earn tomorrow you got to learn today.”
Ole talk borrows its name from the Caribbean pastime of light-hearted chit chat. This podcast will capture the stories of the artists, individuals and events that shaped our society and diaspora. With every episode, we look behind the curtains as the individuals themselves give us their first-hand stories about their life's story. Where did they grow up? What was the country like back then? What were their biggest obstacles and their most important victories?
We will discuss all these topics....and if we are lucky then maybe we can even get them to sing a song or two. Ole%20Talk%20Logo-11_1603333725.png
  • The soul of a nation is rooted in its culture, shaped, and nurtured by the works of its artists. With each piece, the story of who we are, who we were and who we can be is preserved. Their works influence us as a people as well as inspiring new artists to take up the mantle.
  • These works however are only a fraction of the story with their true meanings only being fully appreciated if we delve into their lives, coming to grip with influences and appreciating their struggles and triumphs.
  • Sadly, as each year passes so to do our artists. With every passing day we are
    in danger of losing our heritage as told through the stories of our artists. This is
    compounded even more today with the COVID-19 global pandemic and while
    we have their works to remember them by, do we truly know who they were?
  • As we lose these custodians of our heritage it is imperative that we preserve
    not just their works but their stories for future generations to learn from and
  • What life events inspired them? What do their works even mean? Will future
    generations know the significance of Saga Boy and Tan Tan? Will they forget
    who the man with “The Hammer” was or will they wonder if “Jean and Dinah”
    were actual people?
Pie%20chart_09-16_1603334016.pngTHE CAMPAIGN
  • This campaign seeks to raise $36,000TTD in funds to facilitate in creating a platform, in the form of a podcast, which will serve to preserve the stories of our artists and by extension our culture for generations to come.
  • This will cover equipment and yearly/monthly fees for internet hosting services. None of the money from this campaign will go to me. I'm doing it because I genuinely believe in its importance and I just enjoy hearing these stories.

In contributing to this project, you will play a major part in immortalizing the lives of our artists and our history not just for our society and the Caribbean diaspora but also for the future artists to find
inspiration from.
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Ole Talk Podcast

by Ryan Lee
Created Oct 21, 2020 | San Fernando
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