the IBDhealthyHOME project began to support persons living with IBDs (inherited blood disorders) create 'better QUALITY lives DAILY'. What started as an individual volunteer effort in 2014 after joining the SISBD, attracted a team in 2017 to create solutions in the community by sharing ISSUES & SOLUTIONS.
In 2019 the effort evolved into a project to formalise what was done with a goal to support families live better then teach by example, once matriculated. Sharing this idea attracted new persons to the Team, a communityWALKevent was started in July ‘20 & is to continue in segments.
It was recently advised that Leadership study would avail key skills needed to better work with Teams & Participants to achieve the goal of 'better QUALITY lives DAILY'. A scholarship from the UNPeace/Guardian Group Leadership Diploma was applied for, the Diploma wasn't awarded however a $300 part scholarship to the Positive Leadership Course was.
Course registration is done & payment is due. 9000tt/approx 1300us is needed to complete the application & purchase a Laptop plus peripherals. This will be used for course & project execution.

The course starts on 1 February 2021. YOUR volunteer financial support aligned with existing volunteer action is needed to achieve this study goal & will allow continued support of the IBD community.
THANKS for your help, kw young
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $675

    In the name of Frantz Le Gros

  • nerle robertson
    nerle robertson donated $203

    GOOD Luck with IBDstudy & project ROLLout

  • wendy herbert
    wendy herbert donated $101

    GOOD Luck with IBDstudy & project ROLLout

  • Roger Ible
    Roger Ible donated $101

    continued SUCCESS with the project & iP

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $2,025

    Best wishes Kyle for your important work to advocate for persons with inherited blood disorders in Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Giselle Fritz
    Giselle Fritz donated $203

    Good luck in your studies.

  • Maurice Ferguson
    Maurice Ferguson donated $101

    SUCCESS with project: maurice

  • Gail Young
    Gail Young donated $203

    SUCCESS with Project- drQ

  • Ezekiel Joseph
    Ezekiel Joseph donated $101

    from Ezekiel: SUCCESS with the project

  • gail young
    gail young donated $95

    SUCCESS with study & IBDproject

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Positive Leadership Study in support of IBD communityEducation

by kyle young
Created Oct 07, 2020 | Barataria & Bon Accord
$4,145 raised of $9,000 goal 46%
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