In 2018, 2019 & 2020 PrideTT saved lives and highlighted the positive contribution of the LGBTQI Community to national development, like never before!

See reports here -

PrideTT took 'pride' to the next level - v2.0 for 2020!

Building on the community engagement, brand and achievements of the last three years, PrideTT wishes to leverage digital and online tools to create sustainable community development platforms that will result in genuine positive change to the lives of LGBTQI persons. This is in part, due to the exigencies of C19, but also because of global digital convergence!

This will complement the work of NGOs and CBOs who have been providing support services for decades but, are constrained by limited capacity, and foreign grant conditionalities.

Our theme is #powHER
“There is no WE without SHE”

PrideTT celebrates our HERstory – the experiences, strength and struggle of the women that helped build our community and sustain the movement.

Background & Context
T&T has a violent history towards women and all that is perceived as ‘feminine’ within the patriarchal ecosystem. In particular, the TransWomen segment of society has ironically been the flagbearers of the LGBTQ+ advocacy movement, but also the most marginalized, abused and oppressed – even within the LGBTQ+ Community itself.

Very recent continued tragic events in T&T have underscored the ongoing culture of GBV and the apathy that has set in due to desensitisation, ignorance, cultural norms and many other complex variables.

The inferiority applied to ‘feminine’ elements, is the foundation for homophobia against gay men and women – particularly ‘effeminate’ and ‘masculine’ presenting persons respectively.
Therefore, this year, PrideTT has decided to maintain its core programming, but with a special focus on women.

Your investment will support PrideTT's capital investment in technology and equipment required to
create offerings such as an online LGBTQ Business Development and Incubation Hub; LGTBQI Employment Matchmaking; Data Collection.

We look forward to your support!
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Powering PrideTT21

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