A Pipe 5 and The Garden Path Campsign.

Note: In this High Time, a time to overcome, through this window of Salvation, that the day of Christ overtake us not and we be clothed in the Spirit of God. To reject collecting polluted offerings on the Sabbath Day of rest in Labour or in Church, that windows ? ? ? ? ? ? ? of Heaven will open up to our stores on earth to care for our communities as Tge Daughters of Zion,around the world ?. He that hath an ear ear let Him hear and He that forebear let Him forebear.

As, the Messenger comes to the Priests All Labourers for God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. Making them one body in the body of Christ through building their Temples first to fit together as one in the holiest of temples in the right hand of the Sun of Righteousness as the Habitation of the Spirit. Through "The Word Of God".

Pipe 5 and The Garden Path
an entity with WE The ENTRUSTED, (WTE), and The Wall of Flame ?, and The School ? of Understanding, (TSU), using the Curriculum of Understanding or Curriculum de Eschatology, derive from The Garden Path's LIBERALITY and the Mettled Letter.

Bringing respect and love to the creation of The Zone of Zion and the paths into the mountains of Zion as we build the garden much more beautiful than that of Eden as WE The ENTRUSTED ™️®️©️2018 that takes Zion unto the Daughters of Zion, after the Reality and in the midst of the Reality and the halt of the two Nations.

Studio of Refreshing and Restitution and Restoration of God's Spirit and God's People for the Kingdom of Righteousness with the abundance of Revelation through the Messenger, tgpMASS, tgpElias, tgpEsaias, tgpMATTY, tgpRIDDIM, tgpJonas, and Refresher of the Master's Soul, the great UTECHIAN, greater than John the Baptist and greater than John the Revelator, with the Sword of the Spirit as the real word of life unto life, out of Jerusalem. From the Minister sanctified by the Spirit of God for believing, yes, believing the word, believing in Jesus Christ the Son of God. The founder of The Spiritual Church ⛪️ of the Manifold Wisdom of God, that wil consecrate Grace and the Law of Love and baptize in the fire and Spirit of God, to renew man to the standard of the New Man, the Perfect Man, and the Servant of God, returning to God In quietness and in REST from their exalting and polluting of the Sabbath Day of rest for the Lord thy God. Making sure the holding strong onto redemption, through reconciliation of all who will draw not back from the Truth of God as he that thinkers Himself to be God.
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Priesthood Studio

by Francis Charles Malcolm
Created Mar 13, 2021 | Spanish Town
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