My name is Nicholas Bhajan aka 'Dumplin', for the past Ten years I have been photographing sports in my home country Trinidad & Tobago. These include: Football, Golf, Cricket, Tennis, Surfing and multiple Motorsport disciplines. I have also regularly travelled the region to cover motorsport in Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua, St.Vincent & the Grenadines and Martinique.

Everyone who knows me, knows how passionate and dedicated I am to not only covering sporting events but doing my part to promote and grow each of them.

The field of photography is constantly progressing, and in recent years the world of cameras has had a significant change; with all the major brands switching from the 'DSLR' type cameras to 'Mirrorless'.
In getting the new 'Canon r7' camera I can increase the overall quality of my work, which will further help the coverage and growth of these events.

I am kindly asking for assistance, in offsetting the cost of $15000.00 ttd to purchase this new camera by contribution to this Fund Me T&T campaign

I thank you kindly for your contribution and look forward to bettering the quality of my event coverage.

Nicholas 'Dumplin' Bhajan.
  • Andrew G. Gittens
    Andrew G. Gittens donated $675

    Hope it works out!

  • Justin Quesnel
    Justin Quesnel donated $675

    Good Luck :)

  • Jason Costelloe
    Jason Costelloe donated $270

    Good luck

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $506
  • Simon Merry
    Simon Merry donated $203

    Good luck with your future endeavors!

  • Chris Ullyett
    Chris Ullyett donated $675
  • Mark Lazzari
    Mark Lazzari donated $675

    Good luck !

  • Christiaan Harragin
    Christiaan Harragin donated $338
  • Brad Elias
    Brad Elias donated $270

    Continue your passion brother

  • Kevin
    Kevin donated $338

    Keep strong and keep doing your thing dumplin..

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Project 'Mirrorless'

by Nicholas Bhajan
Created Jun 21, 2022 | Port of Spain
$8,134 raised of $15,000 goal 54%
  • 15 Donations
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