Help change my Education Status

I was always a bright student but after the passing of my granddad my situtatuin changes. My name is Ricardo Jaggernauth and this is my story.

I grew up in with my grand parents, my real parents are living their life with their husband and with and i am just in the middle. Being in the middleof the divorce, the child is always the one that feels and knows the pain. I am pleading with you all the viewers of this campaing to fund and share this campaing .

All i need is a proper education. I am very passionate about school and i would like to finish my studies where i would become an airline pilot. The first ever airline pilot in my family. Please help me with whatever little you can. No donation is too small.

I have the oppounitity where i can go to the usa and Study for 8 months to become a sucessfull pilot and become the first ever pilot in my family. I am determine not to fail. I have already been thought the first part of my educational status where i was sucessful. Please help me with the second part where i would need become the first ever pilot im my family.

Despite being a less fortunatate child , I always have hope and look to the good things in my. I am a simple childwho always enjoy quite time and studying. I have sucessfully finish Mayaro Secondary whaere i was able to pass my classes even though the teachers have told me that i wouldnt pass. I was able to break the record.

I have now sucessfully finished school and now is inneed of your help to start the final part of my carrer. I urge you to donate from your heart and donate with love.. Life in terms of school is not doing well at this point and i am really hopening that i would be able to sollow my passion and calling to be apart of the airline industry.

I am qualify to start a 7 month pilot training program from Semtember 2023 which would be taking place in Florida, I look forward to being able to be apart of this wornderful experience and school. No dotation is too small. Thank you in advance for helping and providing a proper education and making my further bright .

Please Fell free to reach out to me via 18683926996 on watsapp. Thamk you for your support and being apart of this . Thank you for making my dream a realitly .

I pray that God will bless you with Favour and a happy life . Thanl you for your dotation and please feel free to share . Even by sharing you are helping. Please help me get the help that i need .
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Providing Education for Less Privilege's Child

by Daniel Jaggernauth
Created May 13, 2023 | Port of Spain
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