Hi my name is Petra in 2014, my mom, my daughter a niece, and I were taken to court for a property, unfortunately in 2019, my mom passed on with stage 4 cervical cancer. in 2020 the courts of Trinidad And Tobago ruled in our favor and we thought the case was over, but the rest of my family started fighting me and threatening my life so I had to move out of the house, they subsequently took me to court citing that as my mom left my sister as her next of kin on her medical documents that she was the owner of all of that my mother has possessed. The defendant who had originally put us in court said he was not pleased with the court's decision and appealed the court's decision. Since my mom had passed on before the verdict I was left with the responsibilities of all the lawyer fees, so when my family took me to court for the property that was given to me all the monies that I had saved were finished. it has been two years now that I have been living out of my home and I have been shifting and living in different homes of friends because I have not been able to get my bearings, I have been unemployed since 2019 and have not been able to get a job since then,
I am not asking for any monies but simply for any Lawyer who can make a charitable offer by helping to get my home back, but if funds are given to pay the lawyer that too will be accepted and appreciated, in 2020 the court ruled in my favor and I am hopeful that they will vote in my favor again against the plaintiff, but I do not have any money to pay a lawyer to represent me at this time so I'm asking for someone with legal expertise to help me in this matter. I thank anyone who is interested in helping me and can reach me at 18687066980 or whats app 18683859605,
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by Petra Cayman
Created Nov 23, 2021 | Port of Spain
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