My name is Chrys and as you can see, I love to smile my gummy smile. I wasn't always a big smiler because I was always insecure about my big crooked teeth but I eventually grew to flaunt my flaws. This does not mean I am not self-conscious about it though.
Crocked teeth I can live with, gum disease, and receding gums are a whole different story. In the words of Dhar Man, "you see" I have this ugly little disease called periodontitis. If you don't know what that is, he is gingivitis' meaner, much scarier older brother. He causes severe bone loss in the gums which causes the teeth to look extra long and spaced out. And don't let me get started on food particles getting stuck between those gigantic spaces. Floss becomes obsolete because now you have to use braces brush to "floss." Fun stuff. (sad face)
Now to why we're here. I started treatment months ago but boy is it expensive. So I'm asking for your help because at the rate my gums are receding, I am terrified I may lose my teeth very soon (Some of them are already on shaky ground).
If you can't help that's fine but if you can that would be awesome. Lots of love either way.

P.S Don't let those pics fool you, I've learned how to work the camera so the spaces won't show.
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Smile Brighter

by Crystal White
Created Jun 09, 2022 | Snagre Grande
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