PrideTT’s 2022 programming is themed “rejuveNATION”, which describes the organization’s hope and promise for a more united nation where every citizen has Pride in their country and where every creed and race can find an equal place. PrideTT sees this period as an opportunity to engage dialogue and action around the inclusion and acceptance of LGBTQ+ people who should be awarded their equal rights and protection under the law given their status as tax-paying and law-abiding citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

The 60th anniversary of Independence should act as a catalyst for rebirth and rejuvenation to instill both National Pride and LGBTQ+ Pride for nationals and LGBTQ+ citizens to work together towards building unity and solidarity around equality, diversity, and inclusion for every citizen to have an equal and equitable place to work, live, love and play in their own country.

The organization seeks to re-establish opportunities for LGBTQ+ representation and visibility in the public sphere, in the wake of COVID recovery. PrideTT’s 5th Anniversary programming will seek to bring the organization back to its roots, creating platforms for LGBTQ+ education, entertainment and other works while ensuring that all facets of the community are reached.

Expected outcomes of activities during this period are: -
  • Heightened Public Awareness of LGBTQ+ issues
  • Education and national dialogue on LGBTQ+ issues
  • Provision of activities and resources to the local LGBTQ+ community
  • Investment into the LGBTQ+ community
PrideTT will engage in a number of activities under the thematic banner of “rejuveNATION” including: -
  • Entertainment, Awareness Raising and Educational Events.
  • Launch of inaugural magazine that features Pride events, LGBTQ+ news and editorials, LGBTQ+ history, work of organizations in with local communities and resource information.
  • Networking with private and public sectors to advance LGBTQ+ issues.

We are seeking funding to cover the costs for a month of community events that culminate in our annual Parade and Fair and we hope that we can receive your support!
  • Ainsley Rajkumar
    Ainsley Rajkumar donated $1,350
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $270
  • Farley Cleghorn
    Farley Cleghorn donated $6,750

    Will be in TT July 13-25th. Hope to be at some of the events.

  • Rian Merrick
    Rian Merrick donated $675

    Someday we won't have to come out. Till then, stand proudly with the strength of every queer person and ally that came before you. Your existence and truth will make this world a better place! Happy Pride, loves!

  • Reshmi R
    Reshmi R donated $506
  • IAMovement
    IAMovement donated $675

    Blessings guys

  • Kyle
    Kyle donated $34
  • Anonymous
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  • Rajiv Sagewan
    Rajiv Sagewan donated $675

    Best of luck with this year’s Pride Parade. ?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $68

    Continue with all of the good work.

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Support Pride TT's 5th Anniversary Programming

by PrideTT
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