I'm Keron creator of tech4Agri, a social enterprise that uses media, journalism 7 communication services to support our agriculture sector and advocate for youth.

Several months ago during the height fo the pandemic, Ispent a day with my four neices & nephews all between ages 3 - 10. The oldest two had to do online school. For my niece the teacher gave them work in the morning and there was no other class for the day. My nephew had Math class and then an Art class.

The classess themselves where not very active. The teacher clearly had a lot on her plate to manage. And of course my nephew was disinterested. In reality the class format has not changed. It reminded me of my time at school and how often the classes were simply boring to me, certain it felt the same for him. But he had no choice in the matter due to the pandemic.

He and all of our nation's youth couldn't go outside to learn. And so it clicked that Tech4Agri's existing digital project can be pivoted to solve the challenges the pandemic has revealed.

Tech4Agri 360:
In ocountry, our youth are suffering from a lack of equity in & access to quality online education. Sector stakeholders suffer from a low level digital transformation which has driven the push to return to school raising the argument of vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

At the same time some of these youth who are members of families living in vulnerable communities are slowly starving given the loss of jobs and the state of our economy unable to cope with COVID effects. The agriculture sector itself continues to be in disarray facing infrastructural, information, knowledge management & regulatory issues

It is clear that a solution is needed, one which our leaders have not provided.

Our solution is Tech4Agri 360 is an immersive media series that features our food & agriculture sector from a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) perspective. The series will be created using agri journalism as a base, together with 360 degree video, to create a unique learning & visual experience.

Our project provides a knowledge tool to support quality education delivery while simultaneously presenting the subjects & fields of study in a new light in a completely new light, transferring knowledge & empowering household food security.

This knowlege product is made affordable and comes in two parts: A low cost vr headset & 360 video content accessible via subscription, that complements the school curriculum learning topics. We will also provide food production knowledge & agri news as Tech4Agri 360 serves the entire family

We see this as an intervention, a true Covid solution that can assist with the problem stably into the future, truly stimulating the education and agriculture sectors and leading the was in digital transformation in our region.

Be a part of our effort to bring the today's immersive technology into the hands of our youth and mist vulnerable citizens.

Be a part of the future! Please donate to our social venture.

Tech4Agri and its partners, the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC), the International Federation of Agri Journalists (IFAJ) and Cab International (CABI) thank you for your support and look forward to contrinuting to benefit of our society through this project.
  • Martina
    Martina donated $675

    Great work that you all are doing!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $506
  • Zack Biernat
    Zack Biernat donated $338

    Very exciting to teach using VR, especially for a remote-first world that many learn in today.

  • Nadine Chambers Goss
    Nadine Chambers Goss donated $338

    I am happy to support this social effort to literally and figuratively feed feed youth and empower society through dynamic incorporation of digital technologies.

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Tech4Agri 360

by Keron Bascombe
Created May 31, 2022 | T&T
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