The Legasi Holistic Growth Institute is an NGO that focuses on the holistic development of the child, giving them the resources that they need to grow into individuals that encourage the development of their community and country at large. Legasi HGI will consist of three arms or subsidiaries in the areas of; education, counselling and extra curricular activities. The opening of The Legasi Holistic Growth Academy will be the first step towards this goal, bringing extraordinary preschool education to Flanagin Town. These funds will help us to begin the registration process for the NGO and help us attain the resources that will present the best quality education and environment for our prospective students.
The Legasi Holistic Growth Academy (Growth Academy) aims to create a safe, fun and caring learning environment where children can come to grow and have new experiences in the first and most essential years of their lives. Growth Academy hopes to positively impact the lives of the children and their families, as well as impact the surrounding community. Growth Academy encourages intellectual, social and moral development of the child in attempts to lay a foundation for the blossoming of an individual that eventually contributes positively to society.
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    God bless you on this new venture.

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    All the best, God will make a way for the kids to be blessings to your society!

  • Our registration process has begun! Thank you for your support thus far and now as we try to tackle acquiring the needed appliances for our classroom and office, we look forward to your continued support.


The Legasi Holistic Growth Institute

by Gabrielle Maynard
Created Jul 17, 2020 | Flanagin Town
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