My brother, Shaleem Hosein, aka "Puff", has been dealing with some serious health challenges over the last 7 months (NOT c0v1d-related). The situation escalated last week and today we learned that he is in need of life-saving heart surgery as soon as possible.

To give him the best chance of survival, the procedure can be done privately at a local facility but over TT$300,000 is needed to cover the costs- hospital, medicines, tests, operation, specialist fees, after care.

While life has been financially challenging for many of us especially over the last 2 years, any help you can offer to save my brother's life will be deeply appreciated. Those who personally know my family will know that we are normally on the opposite side of the spectrum assisting others. Now, we humbly ask for YOUR HELP please.

On behalf of my family, I thank you in advance for your kindness. May you continue to be blessed throughout your life.

Kind regards,
  • Tira and Ivor Greene
    Tira and Ivor Greene donated $1,013

    Best wishes for a successful recovery!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $304
  • Etienne Bellemare
    Etienne Bellemare donated $203

    Wishing all the best to you and your family in this difficult time. Don’t give up! There is always hope.

  • Kiran Narayansingh
    Kiran Narayansingh donated $1,013
  • Rayna Narayansingh
    Rayna Narayansingh donated $1,013

    Praying for Shaleem. Wishing him a successful surgery and a full recovery ❤️

  • Curt Jones
    Curt Jones donated $6,750

    Marianne, wishing your brother receives the required medical as is blessed with a speedy recovery …

  • Sharon Teebenny
    Sharon Teebenny donated $675

    Sending lots of Prayers to the family

  • Natalie Boodram
    Natalie Boodram donated $675
  • Christian Welsh
    Christian Welsh donated $203
  • Farahnaz Solomon
    Farahnaz Solomon donated $405

    Wishing him a speedy recovery.


Together Let's Give Shaleem aka "Puff" a Chance for a Longer Life

by Marianne Shalima Hosein
Created Feb 15, 2022 | San Fernando
$49,984 raised of $300,000 goal 17%
  • 38 Donations
  • No deadline

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