“The baby come? I can’t wait for tomorrow.”
“The episodes too short. Meh heart cyah take them lil bit ah ting. I want it all one time.”
“I have something to look forward to on a morning. You does make meh day. I does crack up.”
“Thank you for bringing comfort to some old women’s life. Sometimes we get up on a morning and kill weself laughing.”

Those are just some of the many comments we received from listeners of Tranquility. What we have heard from you has been just awesome. We cannot thank you enough for tuning in over the three weeks that we released the 15 episodes.

If you think those 15 was a bacchanal, there are 45 more scripts already written and waiting to come alive. They “hot like ah chulha,” wanting the actors to breathe life into them, so that the audio series can be completed. To create these remaining stories and entertain you some more, it would cost $50,000 TT. You can help us to finish the series by assisting us to reach this goal. If we do not reach the target, we will create as much of the episodes that we can from the money raised.

To the generous, we wish to show our appreciation with the following rewards:

Live Lime
The top 10 granters will be invited to have a Zoom chat with the director and the cast. We would need your email address to contact these wonderful people.

Cameo Appearance
Contributors living in Trinidad and Tobago will have a chance to act in the show. There are a few cameo spots and by random draw, a few of you will be chosen to hop on board Tranquility and play a walk-on character in the show. Hey, you might even meet some members of the cast in person. If you are interested in being considered, write “Cameo” in the comment box. Of course, we will need your email address to contact you.

Being a Co-creator
To all others, your reward is the honour of having a hand in the completion of the series and of course, being able to enjoy the rest of the bacchanal.

If you are new to Tranquility, you can get on board from the first episode here:

The structure: one story runs for five episodes. The story number is at the front of the title and the episode number is at the back.

Do subscribe to our YouTube page so that you will not miss an episode when the series continues.

The scripts are ready. The actors are set. You can make Tranquility GO!

As Clarkie said, “Let us roll!!”
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Tranquility Radio Drama

by Eric Barry
Created Apr 29, 2021 | Trinidad & Tobago
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