Greetings in the name of of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. My name is Margaret Alleyne, I am Oba's mother and it pains my heart to see my youngest son going through this experience. Just 5 days after his 24th birthday Oba got into a life altering car accident that left him partially and temporaliy paralyzed and we need your assistance to get him the neccessary treatment he needs so he can walk again. He has since undergone 2 major surgeries, 1 on his spine and another on his left leg, both of which left him with steel and screws in this spine and his leg. His doctors told us that they do not have the facilities here to accommodate his therapy and the rest of his treatment and they advised that he should travel abroad for priority care. The doctors have since been doing all that they can and have since given Oba all the documentation he needs to go abroad for treatment. They even went as far as sourcing a treatment facility in the US for Oba. However, there are costs attached to his care and we are trying our best to have him leave as soon as possible as ordered by the team of doctors to start his recovery journey. He has to be air lifted by ambulance as he isn't able to take commercial flights, as well as there are other costs attached to his treatment at the facility. We are trying to do everything we can to raise funds to assist with Oba's medical expenses. Any donations given will be accepted, as small as $1, it will add up . We are asking that you help us to help him walk again, such a young, humble, respectful individual deserves anthoer chance to live a normal life. We are looking forward for your donations an we pray that God blesses each of you and may your cup run over with blessings.
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by Oba McDonald
Created Aug 18, 2021 | Trinidad and Tobago
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