I am Zion Thomas, a student at Trinity College Maraval. Recently I have received a scholarship from Saint Francis College, New York, to study Biomedical Science, a persistent dream throughout my formative years. This scholarship is approximately $18000USD yearly, a development that rekindled my drive to discover, innovate and challenge the frontier of science. Though this scholarship came in a time of need, the associated costs such as travel, room, board and living expenses, together with the financial constraints of my home, continue to eclipse the idea of international scholarship.

Currently, the steady net income in my home has been reduced, while simultaneously caring for a family of five and paying numerous, large but necessary debts. Meaning my dreams of college cannot be sustained. But I never lost my hope of becoming a first-generation international student, and I do believe that there is still hope, for me and others like me. Therefore, I’m leaning into the idea of crowdfunding and appealing to you to help me meet my goal with contributions that will be put to great use. I, on behalf of my family, do appreciate you and offer great thanks to you. Thank you!
  • Letetia SupervilleBarratt
    Letetia SupervilleBarratt donated $216

    Good Luck Zion

  • Christian Modeste
    Christian Modeste donated $203

    Good luck bro. Wish I could have done better

  • Nafisah
    Nafisah donated $675

    We know what it’s like to want to achieve a dream. We wish you all the best!

  • Salien Hernandez
    Salien Hernandez donated $270

    Blessings ??

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $135

    I hope you attain your goal brother

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Zion's College Fund

by Zion Thomas
Created Mar 01, 2020 | Upper Bournes Road, Saint James
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