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Save My Life - Life saving surgery needed

Suzanne Faye Gomez-Ferdinandus

You hear the word cancer, tumor, carcinoma or something else and your world stop...

No deadline $15,320 Raised 15%

Goal $100,000

Children's Education Sponsorship

Till All Hear

Meet Rahul (boy in the picture) and Stefan (founder of Till All Hear). Rahul liv...

No deadline $7,912 Raised 23%

Goal $35,000

Medical Expenses Prostate Cancer Surgery

Cherisse Amoroso

Exactly 2 years ago my Father went through his option of having Prostrate Cancer...

17 days left $14,022 Raised 40%

Goal $35,000

Rally for Shally

Shalisha Stewart

Just over the last six months. I've gone from promising runway model to fighting...

No deadline $12,750 Raised 18%

Goal $72,000

Devante Laurence Development Fund


FundMeTnT is proud to launch our Future Athlete Series with Devante Laurence. We...

106 days left $1,666 Raised 7%

Goal $25,000