A dear son, a big brother, a helpful nephew, a humorous cousin, a good buddy, a fastidious captain, all in all a people's person - That is Christopher Gonzalez, a 38 year old single young man
He started the leg of this journey earlier this year with "hibbi jibbi" feelings that the first doctor’s diagnosis was “COVID anxiety”. The second doctor's diagnosis was “migraines” then finally a sweet aged neurologist sending us for numerous tests for us to discover that it was all about an unfriendly aggressive brain tumour.
Before the operation so many of you honored us with your concern, love and prayers. The operation although successful, could not be totally complete because of sensitive areas but we are grateful that he came out whole; so whole that the night right after surgery before he was wheeled up to I.C.U. he was giving the elderly nurses friendly chat, asking one to rub his foot. The nurse started to rub his foot and he asked her if she was married because she wouldn't remain so for long if that was the way she rubbed her husband's foot. We all laughed as was customary when Chris is around!
For those who know Chris and how important his looks are to him, the doctor said that the surgery scar was made in the form of a "C". Chris thought it was "C" for Christopher but his doctor told him “C" is for Champion - a representation of who he is in this walk.
The next and upcoming leg of the journey would be an even more difficult one - emotionally, physically and financially. Chemo and radiation is not easy on the best of spirits but we hope he will keep singing in the shower as he still does now!
At this time we ask for not only your prayers, love and concern but for your generosity as the treatment is urgent and critical to combat the aggressive nature of this cancer.
As he says the letter for today is “P” for prayers and positivity as the journey continues for the Champion we all know, Chris.
Thank you from the Gonzalez family.
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    This donation is for Christopher Gonzalez for his complete healing in Jesus name

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    From Armin & Stefan

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    Get well soon brother!

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    Lots of love Chris. From Fidel, Nancy, Georgia and Ethan

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    Your battle is already won, trust in him ??

  • Joshua Camacho
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    You got this

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    Get well soon. God bless

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A Battle Against Brain Cancer

by Matthew Gonzalez
Created Nov 18, 2020 | Petit Valley
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