On September 19th, 2021 my life changed forever. A hit and run accident left with orthopedic injuries as well as a traumatic brain injury. I have since been struggling to keep my head above water and take care of my 2 boys

While I'm in the process of pursuing it via insurance, the insurance company requires that the victim foot the expense of all medical visits and tests up to the point of treatment.

I require 3 MRIs of my brain, spine and hand as I'm experiencing frequent memory loss and loss of power and sensitivity on my entire right side. I also have outstanding x-rays and other neurological tests.

You may ask yourself "Why didn't she go to Mt Hope?". When i visited the Eric Williams Medical Health Facility, the doctors told me that nothing was wrong and that I should go home and drink tea and coffee for the pain. My CT scan showed a traumatic brain injury and the doctor told me to go home and drink tea and coffee, I'm fine. In addition to which, it took me 6 months to get my medical report after requesting it.

The incompetence of the public health system had added major mental and emotional strain to the already difficult situation. Hence my decision to seek private health care.

In addition, I was given a referral to get the MRIs done at Mt Hope but I was told that the earliesr date is February 2023.

I intend to overcome this, I just need a little help to get there! I thank you in advance for your support!
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A Hit and Run Accident Changed My Life

by Christa Collymore
Created Apr 05, 2022 | Chaguanas
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